Airbed and Breakfast

  • Accommodation Portal AirBnB Adds Groups, Locations All Around The World

    Like a love child of eBay and or craigslist, AirBnB lets anyone that owns space fit for accommodating travelers – be it a couch in a small apartment or the master bedroom of a 19th-century castle – post that space as a listing on its website and connect potential renters to its respective owners. Once called Airbed and Breakfast in full, AirBnB aims to provide a… Read More

  • What's For Breakfast At Your House: Obama O's or Cap'n McCain's?

    This week’s award for best marketing promotion related to the election goes to AirBed & Breakfast, the peer-to-peer pad crashing site for travelers. (You list how much per night you want for travelers to stay on your floor, and they book through the site). Today, I received a package from AirBed & Breakfast containing the two boxes of cereal pictured above: Obama O’s… Read More

  • AirBed And Breakfast Takes Pad Crashing To A Whole New Level

    Can’t find a hotel for TechCrunch50 or the next conference you are going to? If you don’t mind roughing it, try AirBed and Breakfast. Anyone with an airbed (or couch) can “post a room” and how much it costs. Thrifty travelers can make reservations on the site and pay for the stay. The site is spare but it does the job (it was pulled together for less than $20,000 in… Read More