• Video: This Electric Vehicle “Wears” Airbags For Ultimate Protection

    Video: This Electric Vehicle “Wears” Airbags For Ultimate Protection

    A Japanese company called Humanix [JP], in cooperation with Hiroshima University, has developed a small electric car that “wears” airbags on the body. I am not really sure if the result can be called pretty, but Humanix is claiming that (perhaps rightfully) their ”iSAVE-SC1” is the “safest electric vehicle in the world”. The three-wheeled car offers enough… Read More

  • Dainese's motorcycle airbag suit works

    I’m unsure how many CG readers ride motorcycles, but I know my brother does so I’m sure he’ll appreciate this. Dainese, an Italian moto gear manufacturer, has been working on an airbag suit they’re hoping to bring to market in 2010. The Italian company has been working on this for 10 years and they tested it in a real world situation at last year’s MotoGP races… Read More

  • Side Airbags Are Effective In Saving your Life

    Side airbags have been relatively standard as of late, and apparently they’re proving to be worth it. A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that they reduce drivers deaths when struck on their near sides by 37 percent. The rating jumps up to 52 percent for the side airbags installed in SUVs. If you’re wondering when you would use an airbag on the side of… Read More