Apple MacBook Air M2 review

Our MacBook Pro review felt strangely incomplete when it dropped roughly two weeks back. In many ways, my experience with the laptop was defined as much by the product I was reviewing as it was by the

The Station: Lucid Motors spy shot and the birth of an AV startup

It was a drama-filled week with a hearing on the hill in DC about autonomous vehicle legislation, Uber tipped its hat to the past, EV startup Lucid started to lift the veil on its Air vehicle and more

Snips announces an ICO and its own voice assistant device

French startup Snips has been working on voice assistant technology that respects your privacy. And the company is going to use its own voice assistant for a set of consumer devices. As part of this c

Air’s app lets you record high-quality home movies without running out of space

These days, home movies aren’t recorded with handheld video cameras, but rather with our smartphones. Unfortunately, there’s a downside. Our iPhones default to lower quality video so recor

The First Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Will Take You To Space

Following CES in Las Vegas last week, VR is on the minds and lips of everyone in the tech and gaming space. But even though virtual reality is more immersive than any form of entertainment previously

Following $3.6 Million Raise, Yevvo Rebrands As Air – An App That Lets You Stream Live Video To Friends

A startup building a live broadcasting service for mobile users, previously known as Yevvo, which has raised close to $4 million in Series A funding, <a target="_blank" href="

Twitter Shuts Down TweetDeck For Android, iPhone And AIR, Discontinues TweetDeck’s Facebook Integration

TweetDeck, the feature-rich Twitter client that Twitter acquired in 2011, will soon mostly exist as a web-based service, and the native Mac and Windows apps will play second fiddle to the web and Chro

Members-Only Airline Surf Air Raises Series A From Anthem, NEA & Others (Including Jared Leto)

<a target="_blank" href="">Surf Air</a>, a new membership-based air service providing short jaunts between California hot spots like Palo Alto, Monterey, Santa Barbara and L.A.,

Review: Macbook Air 13-inch

Short Version: There will be no pleasing either side of the Apple fanboy divide with this review so I’ll say it up front: If you’re looking for an alternative to a heavier Apple laptop &#8

Shunned By Apple, Adobe Embraces Android With AIR 2.5

<img src=""> Apple keeps giving Adobe the <a href="">brush-off</a>—what wi

Free As A Bird: Initial Thoughts After A Day With The New MacBook Air

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-234476" title="1" src="" alt="" />I've done it. I've worn the battery completely down on one of the <a hr

Adobe Debuts AIR For Android – Now Let's Wait For The Apps

<img src="" class="shot2" /> The <a href="">AIR for Android</a> runtime is now <a href="http://w

AIR For Android, And Adobe’s Plan To Deliver Apps Across All Mobile Devices

<img src="" /> The bane of all mobile app developers is the need to rewrite the same app over and over again for different devices: the iP

Dell Adamo XPS looks like it could cut the air in half

<img src="" align="left">The industry is all a buzz with the latest entry in the "I'm the thinnest laptop" competition. The latest Dell

Must… resist… obvious Dyson vacuum/fan joke…

Dyson, the makers of the trendiest vacuum cleaners around, have switched modes. Enter the Dyson Air Multiplier, a fan that utilizes the same bladeless technology as the Dyson vacuum. Thing looks like

New Adobe AIR Marketplace

<img src="" alt="adobeairmarketplacebanner" /> From <a href="

Adamo could out-Air the Air

Dell is hinting at a tiny laptop line called Adamo which might be some sort of boutique line or actually be the name of a new, ultrathin laptop that will give the MacBook Air a run for its money. Ashl

RIDES Mac-powered Hyundai Genesis

It’s every Mac fanboys wet dream to embed an OS X touchscreen computer inside their ride. When RIDES does a mobile Mac workstation though, it’s more of an Apple Store on wheels with &#8211

Not So CrunchDeal: MacBook Air with 64GB SSD for $1,799

Well stuff a finger up my nose and call me stupid. The Apple Store is selling the refurb MacBook Air with 64GB SSD drive for $1,799. Since the laptop once cost a ball-numbing $3,098, it’s pretty

The MacBook and MacBook Pro splayed-out revealing intimate details

It’s just tradition that when a new, hot gadget launches, someone has to tear the sucker apart thus producing what is affectionately called circuit board pr0n. Besides the pretty pictures thou
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