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  • Sprimo takes a personal approach to purifying your air

    Sprimo takes a personal approach to purifying your air

    We’ve written about a number of air purifiers before, but Sprimo is taking a different approach — instead of trying to clean all the air in the room, it creates a personalized stream of clean air for individual users. Now, a phrase like “personalized stream of clean air” might sound a little silly, but CEO Ray Combs and CTO Harold Han (who has a Ph.D. in chemistry from… Read More

  • Sharp Unveils Portable Air Purifier "Plasmacluster"

    In the US (and elsewhere), Sharp has been selling a number of air purifiers, branded as “Plasmacluster”, for years now. In Japan, the company today announced [JP] a portable Plasmacluster, the IG-CM1. The mini version (57×27.5×124mm) basically works like the bigger models: it cleans the air around you, suppresses odors and makes sure your skin looks healthy. Read More

  • USB-powered ionizer fan is perfect for polluted desks

    Is your cubicle located on top of a pile of garbage? If so, you might want this USB-powered air purifier. The product’s manufacturer, Brando, says “We are surrounded by polluted air every day. Wherever you may be, you will be breathing in the nasty polluted air.” Gee, that’s inspiring. So what should I do, Brando? Got any bright ideas? “This USB Ionizer Fan… Read More