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Plume Labs’ Flow is an air quality tracker to avoid pollution

Just when you thought wearables were dead, Plume Labs is coming up with an interesting wearable device focused on tracking pollution around you. It’s a sort of Fitbit for air quality. The Flow t

The Smogathon hackathon aims to stop a smoky menace

If you’ve ever visited Krakow, Poland, you’ll be familiar with the smog. Born of air pollution and fog, the smog regularly shuts down the local airport and casts a pall over this beautiful

Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio and scientist Katharine Hayhoe talk climate change at SXSL

At an SXSL panel on Monday, President Obama, actor, environmentalist and philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio and scientist Katharine Hayhoe discussed climate change and what we can possibly due to curb i

Artveoli combines algae and microfluidics to generate fresh air indoors

Artveoli is a biotech startup that's building an air purifying device that aims to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen in indoor environments by harnessing the photosynthetic properties of algae. The s

Tesla’s bioweapon mode is a stroke of genius for developing markets

Tesla today shared details of how effective its particulate filters are. Spoiler alert: They are so good, not only do they clean up the air inside the car, they make the world outside the car cleane

Atmotube Is A Tiny Pollution Sensor That Clears Up What’s In The Air You Breathe

Portable air quality tracker Atmotube aims to be the Waze for air quality tracking in your city. The device is a tiny tube that you can carry around in your pocket or put on a key chain to monitor the

CubeSensors Releases Three New Cube Sensors To Keep You Safe And Dry

Original participants in our world-famous(TM) Hardware Battlefield, the folks at CubeSensors are back with three new devices that promise to make our lives a bit better. The original CubeSensors were

Let’s Talk About Uber, Congestion And Urban Air Quality

The U.K. government's Department for Transport (DfT) has released updated statistics on the number of taxis and private hire vehicles operating in England -- which shows a marked increased in the latt

Hovensa Petroleum Refinery To Pay $5.3 Million Fine, Invest $700 Million In Pollution Controls

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Justice ann

Chairman Of Build Your Dreams, A Major Clean Tech Manufacturer, Wins "China's Peace Prize"

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> The chairman of <a href="">Build Your Dreams (BYD)</a> one of the world'

NAVTEQ Study: Worst Traffic In U.S. On New York City Freeways

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