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Why are we still using super-greenhouse gases in our home air conditioners?

I would love to install a central AC that doesn’t use super-greenhouse gases. I would even be willing to be an early adopter and pay substantially more. But no such AC is available in the U.S.

Air conditioning is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century. It’s also killing the 21st

When did indoor air become cold and clean? Air conditioning is one of those inventions that have become so ubiquitous that many in the developed world don’t even realize that less than a century ago

Artveoli combines algae and microfluidics to generate fresh air indoors

Artveoli is a biotech startup that's building an air purifying device that aims to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen in indoor environments by harnessing the photosynthetic properties of algae. The s

Evapolar Is A Mini Climate Control System For Your Desk

Office workers enjoy many amenities. They have clean bathrooms, water, and access to a microwave. But what they don’t have control over is their climate. In offices it is either blindingly cold

Ambi Climate Wants To Make Summers In Asia More Bearable 

Created by a Hong Kong startup, Ambi Climate is the latest entrant in the smart air conditioner market. The smartphone-controlled device is designed to work with split-unit air conditioners that have

Building Robotics Lands $1.14M Seed Round From CCV, Google Ventures And Other Angel Investors

<a target="_blank" href="">Building Robotics</a>, a startup that makes intelligent software systems for office buildings, has raised $1.14 million in a seed round led b

Maker Of Energy Efficient Air Conditioners, Coolerado, Closes $7.2 Million

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> According to a <a href="

AirScape whole house fan is an ultra-quiet cheaper, greener alternative to A/C

<img src="" /> As the economy worsens and our wallets slim, an AirScape whole house fan sounds like a simple way to go green and sav

Using the sun to cool down those hot days

Driven by the long reaching goals of the Montreal Protocol, drafted in 1987 and since signed by 191 countries, technology continues to achieve success for the ozone reducing accord. The worldwide redu

Say goodbye to workplace swamp ass with the 'Suzukaze' air conditioned seat cushion

Air conditioned clothing company, Kuchofuku, has developed the “Suzukaze,” which I’m pretty sure is Japanese for “ass de-moistifier,” but don’t quote me on that. Ac

Hot? This liquid-cooled shirt should fix that

It’s kind of ridiculous, but apparently some racers wear these when they’re going to be in a car for a long time with no air conditioning; it looks foolish but I guess it works. This artic

LG Fuses Art And Air-Conditioning Together As ARTCOOL

Damn those Europeans! The finest fashion, the fastest cars, and now priceless works of air-conditioning! Apparently, air conditioners haven’t caught on in Europe as much as LG has liked them to.