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DeepMind and YouTube release Lyria, a gen-AI model for music, and Dream Track to build AI tunes

Back in January, Google made some waves — soundwaves, that is — when it quietly released some research on AI-based music creation software that built tunes based on word prompts. Today, it

Hook wants to help you create a legal remix of your favorite track for TikTok

The rise of short video apps has fueled people to use many tools to make their videos different by remixing popular songs. Many creators use tricks like speeding up, slowing down or using clap tracks

Paul McCartney used AI to make a new Beatles song

AI-generated music is a bourgeoning and fraught topic, with artists either vocally opposing even the faintest hint of it, or some (like Grimes) more or less embracing it completely. Now, Paul McCartne

Spotify CEO says AI progress is both ‘really cool and scary,’ may pose risk to creative industry

In its first-quarter earnings call, streaming music service Spotify talked in more detail about how AI advances are impacting its business. On the positive side, the company offered an update on the u