AI chatbots

As publishers block AI web crawlers, Direqt is building AI chatbots for the media industry

A number of news and media publishers are already blocking AI web crawlers from accessing their sites, worried about the impact on traffic when all their work is swept up into AI chatbot experiences.

Character.AI introduces group chats where people and multiple AIs can talk to each other

Character.AI, the a16z-backed AI chatbot startup from ex-Google AI researchers, is out today with a new feature for its subscribers. The chatbot platform, which offers customizable AI companions with

Instagram might be working on an AI chatbot

Instagram may be working on an AI chatbot, according to images leaked by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. According to the leaks, which reflect in-progress app developments that may or may not ship,

Wellen taps OpenAI’s GPT for a chatbot that dishes advice on bone health

What are AI chatbots good for? Lovers of sci-fi novels may recall the “librarian,” a character in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 classic “Snow Crash” — not a person but an AI p

Snapchat adds new safeguards around its AI chatbot

Snapchat is launching new tools including an age filter and insights for parents to make its AI chatbot experience safer.

Opera browser adds ChatGPT and AI summarization features

Opera has launched AI-powered summarization and content creation features for its desktop browsers in addition to ChatGPT integration.

UK’s MHRA says it has ‘concerns’ about Babylon Health — and flags legal gap around triage chatbots

The U.K.’s medical device regulator has admitted it has concerns about VC-backed AI chatbot maker Babylon Health. It made the admission in a letter sent to a clinician who’s been raising t