• Rebrands, Turns Into Shopping Extension Called Agora Rebrands, Turns Into Shopping Extension Called Agora

    When we last left, the founders Eliyah Finkelstein, Jonathan Cook, and Michael Cook were busy building a shopping extension, a Baggg if you will, that allowed you to comparison shop between sites and products. They were close to completion but they soon realized that sites with three Gs in the name had gone out with the BeeGeeGeeGees. Read More

  • AdTaily wants to help publishers turn readers into advertisers

    AdTaily, the self service advertising platform, thinks it’s spotted a gap in the online advertising market. As it stands, says the company, publishers have no easy way of selling advertising space directly to their readers, many of whom would like to sponsor a site and reach its audience if only there was less friction involved in the process. Enter AdTaily’s ad sales widget. Read More

  • Australia’s ‘Agora’ Android phone gets agoraphobia, delayed indefinitely

    That Agora phone from Australia that everyone got so moist about may never see the light of day, unfortunately. The phone’s manufacturer, Kogan, said that it’d be delayed indefinitely “due to future interoperability issues.” Read More

  • Next major Android handset revealed: the Agora

    The next gPhone has arrived, and surprisingly, it looks pretty nice. Although we were all very excited about China’s Sciphone (not really), the Kogan Agora and its upgraded twin, the Agora Pro, are probably a much better bet. It looks rather like a Blackjack, but it fits all the capabilities of a G1 or iPhone into that thinner form factor. I’m a bit jealous, although I think… Read More