“Longevity tech is only getting started now and will infiltrate all aspects of our life in the next five to 10 years.”

These 5 investors are betting on helping you live longer and better

It’s becoming clear that longevity as a theme has resonated with investors, though it appears it will be some time before more generalist investors take interest.

5 investors explain why longevity tech is a long-term play

Hearts Radiant, a Spanish startup that’s building a “longevity coach” for seniors — with the goal of extending quality of life through app-based personalized coaching designed to combat and even…

Spain’s Rosita Longevity, an app that helps seniors be more active, is headed to Florida

Longevica’s goal is to validate the pipeline of turning scientific research into consumer-ready products.

Longevica takes in $2.5M as it launches open research resources to examine life extension

Modern Age provides digital tools to help users demystify and understand their aging options, including telemedicine and in-person treatments.

Modern Age is on a mission to put people in the driver’s seat of their aging journey

Loyal is building an animal pharmaceutical company that is developing therapeutics aimed at extending both lifespan and healthspan for dogs.

Loyal raises $27M, aims to give dog owners more time with their pets

Sensor data from smartphones and wearables can meaningfully predict an individual’s ‘biological age’ and resilience to stress, according to Gero AI. The ‘longevity’ startup — which condenses its mission to…

Longevity startup Gero AI has a mobile API for quantifying health changes