Radio Shack Still Owes Makers Money

After a brief – but energetic – flirtation with hardware startups, Radio Shack went bankrupt, leaving many creditors in the cold. The hardest hit? Those same hardware startups. According t

Analysts Expect 3D Printer Shipments To Grow Ten Times Before 2017

Hardware <a target="_blank" href="">analysts at IDC</a> are estimating that 3D printer shipments will grow ten times in the period between now and

Big 3D Printing Needs To Stop The Bullying

<a href="">Stratasys</a>, one of the two giants in the 3D printing market (the other is <a target="_blank" href="">3DSystems</a>), is on a r

Hands On With The Afinia H-Series 3D Printer, A Rugged Printing Rig For Home And School

In the kennel of 3D printers, I'd equate the oddly-shaped and homegrown <a href="">RepRap</a> printers to lovable mutts. The <a href="