affirmative action

Fearless Fund responds to racial discrimination lawsuit

This marks the first time Fearless Fund has publicly and officially acknowledged AAER’s lawsuit against it since the news broke last week.

The struggle to diversify venture investments is under fresh fire

This week, Dominic-Madori Davis came back to chat with Mary Ann and Alex about a lawsuit targeting a grant program for Black women who run small businesses.

Let’s stop COVID-19 from undoing diversity gains

As COVID-19 turned up the pressure for businesses around the world, that progress came under threat, with D&I initiatives taking a back seat

How 2020 can be a tipping point for women in STEM

It’s predicted the tech industry won’t near gender equality until closer to 2025, but progress is happening.

Tech companies like TaskRabbit are engaged in affirmative action, and that’s ok

Aiming to increase diversity and foster inclusion in the tech industry is not the same as affirmative action, TaskRabbit CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot said on stage today at the Internet Association’s