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Princeton study finds very few affiliate marketers make required disclosures on YouTube and Pinterest

Convincing humans to buy products is a massive business called marketing, and few areas of marketing are growing as fast as influencer marketing. Influencers on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, an

Airbnb eyes expansion with affiliate program for sites with 1M+ users, new API

While Expedia and Priceline roll out ways to encroach on Airbnb’s space with their own private home listings for travellers, the $31 billion venture-backed Airbnb is also looking at new ways to

Kickbooster Will Pay You For Sharing Your Favorite Crowdfunding Campaigns

Affiliate marketing is extremely hit or miss. Most times, participants are being paid to spread the word about products they couldn’t care less about, resulting in a poor experience for all par

Amazon Pilots Visual, Mobile-Only Affiliate Product To Rival Skimlinks and VigLink

Amazon is testing a new service that could help it and its publishing partners drive more traffic (and, importantly, purchases) from customers on mobile devices. The pilot software is called 'Mobile P

Groupon Takes Affiliate Marketing (And Ad Tech) Into Its Own Hands, Launches Groupon Partner Network

<a target="_blank" href="">Groupon's</a> latest step forward in its ambition to become the default network for local commerce is taking the company into ad tech waters. Today, it

Roombeats Raises €500K Seed To Spread Its Ad-Infested Interactive Images Further

Berlin-based startup Roombeats, which offers publishers and bloggers affiliate marketing opportunities via (rights-cleared) pictures -- and brands the chance to drive sales through click-throughs driv