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Aerial imagery service TerrAvion adds data services

There has been a lot of hype around using drones in precision agriculture, but for the time being, using regular planes outfitted with specialized cameras is still a more cost-effective way to cover w

FairFleet Connects Drone Pilots With Construction Firms And Marketers

The commercial drone market is starting to gain traction. There are some obvious markets for drone usage, including real estate marketing, media and inspections. FairFleet, a Munich, Germany-based sta

YC-Backed TerrAvion Launches Aerial Imagery As A Service For Farmers

Farmers can benefit greatly from having up-to-date aerial imagery of their crops, but it’s virtually impossible for a smaller agricultural business to get this data. The YC-backed TerrAvion, whi

Google Brings 45 Degree Imagery To 30 New Cities In Google Maps

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it is bringing its 45 degree imagery in Google Maps to

Microsoft: Bing Maps’ High-Res Imagery Will Cover All The U.S. And Europe By The End Of The Year

With <a href="">Google</a> and <a href="