Barry Diller Says Aereo Isn’t About Charging For Something That’s Free, But About Moving TV To IP

Aereo investor Barry Diller says that the company isn't about taking free, over-the-air signals and charging for them, but is instead about moving TV from a closed system to IP. At the D11 Conference

Aereo Is Coming To Atlanta: June 17 For Pre-Registered Users, June 24 For Everyone Else

Fresh on the heels of announcing <a href="">new streamlined pricing plans</a

Aereo Switches Up Pricing: $8/Month For 20 Hours Of DVR, $12/Month For 60 Hours Starting May 15

Aereo users, listen up. The company that has been bringing you access to 30 over-the-air broadcast channels on the cheap is switching up its pricing structure a bit to make things less complicated. Un

Responding To Threats, Aereo Asks Court To Block “Do-Over” Suits In New Districts Ahead Of Boston Launch

Today marks the latest step in Aereo's <a href="">legal battle</a> with major broadcast networks like Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC, with the live TV strea

Aereo Brings Free Over-The-Air TV And Cloud DVR To Boston May 15

Aereo has just announced its first expansion beyond New York City, and the city it's moving to next is Boston. Bostonians will gain access to the startup's free, over-the-air TV services and usage-bas

As Aereo Fights A Clone, Fox Threatens To Go To Cable If Courts Continue To Rule In Aereo’s Favor

This is a story about multiple lawsuits, a clone, and yet another tale of David vs. Goliath, except this time David and Goliath are kind of the same person. After winning in the courts against a c

Aereo CEO Explains How Recent Court Win Further Validates Partnership Opportunities

Aereo has been making waves of late, winning an important court decision yesterday in its massive legal battle with network broadcasters over the legality of Aereo’s live streaming/DVR system th

Aereo Looks To TV Providers, ISPs To Accelerate Growth

Aereo has a lot of plates spinning. The streaming TV startup just launched a huge marketing push in NY, along with the announcement of a $38 million funding round aimed at expansion to over 20 new cit

Aereo Launches Cable-Killer Ad Campaign, Expands Into Three New States

Aereo today announced that the cloud DVR/live TV streaming service will be expanding past New York City to more than 19 million people living in the surrounding NYC metropolitan area. The expansion wi

Aereo Amps Up Marketing Efforts Before Expanding To New Cities, Hires Former Apple Exec As CCO

<a href="">Aereo</a> has been making headlines lately, not only for expanding its streaming cloud DVR service to <a href="

CNET Now Forbidden To Review Aereo, The TV Service In Active Litigation With CBS

John P. Falcone over at CBS-owned CNET posted a quick piece on Aereo, the TV-over-Internet startup that is giving broadcasters fits. <a target="_blank" href="

The Sky Is The Limit For Aereo, Assuming The Sky Remains Filled With Free TV Signals

Aereo is quite possibly the most disruptive company to come out of New York since Kickstarter. The startup, founded by serial founder <a href="

Aereo Raises $38 Million Series B, Plans To Bring Its Streaming TV Service To 22 New Markets

If there’s been one big drawback to Aereo, it's that the streaming television startup only offers its service to customers living within New York City’s five boroughs. As it turns out though, that

Aereo Founder Chet Kanojia On Expansion, New Content Deals, And Operating Within The Law

<a target="_blank" href="">Aereo network streaming TV service</a> recently launched a new Bloomberg TV channel, marking the first content licensing deal inked by the New York-based s

Amidst Ongoing Legal Battles, Aereo To Launch Apps For Smart TVs, Set-Top Boxes; Game Consoles Likely To Follow

<a target="_blank" href="">Aereo</a>, the polarizing startup that allows users to watch broadcast TV over the Web, is currently fighting for its life in court. The IAC and Barry

Network Giants Argue In Appeals Court: Aereo Should Be Treated Like A Cable Company

Today the Southern District Court of NY heard the oral argumentsfrom Fox, ABC, Univision and a handful of other cable broadcast providers who wish to see streaming network TV startup Aereo's business

Streaming TV Startup Aereo Files Appeal In Network Case, Cites Cablevision Precedent

The <a href="">legal battle between major broadcast networks and TV startup Aereo</a> continues to unwind, as Aereo has filed a brief with the Unit

Aereo Network TV Streaming Service Adds Support For All Major Web Browsers

New York City-based <a target="_blank" href="">Aereo</a>, a startup that streams network TV over the internet, has today expanded its list of supported devices beyond Apple devic

(Founder Stories) Aereo’s Chet Kanojia Urges Entrepreneurs To “Go For The Difficult Problems” [TCTV]

In the latest installment of <a target="_blank" href="">Chris Dixon's</a> <em>Founder Stories</em>, the Hunch co-founder sits down with <a target="_blank"

(Founder Stories) Aereo’s Chet Kanojia On How His Company Is “Putting A Wedge” In Video Delivery [TCTV]

Founded by <a target="_blank" href="">Chet Kanojia</a> and backed by Barry Diller's <a target="_blank" href="">IAC</a>, <a target="_blank" href=
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