Facebook is still facing ‘intermittent’ outages for advertisers ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

One day after experiencing a massive outage across its ad network, Facebook, one of the most important online advertising platforms, is still seeing “intermittent” issues for its ad produc

In 2017, Google removed 3.2B ‘bad ads’ and blocked 320K publishers, 90K sites, 700K mobile apps

As the world’s largest search engine and a digital advertising behemoth, Google has a lot to answer for when it comes to misleading or false information being spread using its platforms, both th

YouTube launches its counter-terrorism experiment for would-be ISIS recruits

Google's experiment in digital counter-terrorism begins rolling out today. Collaborating with its own in-house think tank, Jigsaw, the new effort seeks to bury ISIS-related propaganda on YouTube. When

Google Attribution is a free and easy way to evaluate marketing efforts

At Google’s Marketing Next conference, the company is announcing a new beta for Google Attribution, a free tool for examining the role that different marketing strategies play in customer pur

Google given until September 20 to respond to EU Android antitrust charges

Google has been given another extension to respond to European Union charges its Android mobile operating system is in breach of the region's competition law.

Chaos Monkeys is this year’s best non-business book about business

Chaos Monkeys, written by former Facebooker and current houseboater Antonio Garcia Martinez, is a book about the human side of the Valley. Rich in anecdote, detail, and memory, it tells the story of a

Bioz pulls in $3 million from Esther Dyson, others, hopes to become Google for life science research

Bioz, a new search engine for life science experiments, wants to reduce the time it takes researchers to thumb through thousands of science articles published online and get them right to the findings

Supreme Court rejects Google appeal in class action lawsuit from advertisers

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from Google to throw out a class action lawsuit from California advertisers. Those advertisers are alleging that by not informing them that ads pu

Google makes big changes to its ad products

Google’s AdWords is getting a makeover. The search giant announced today that they have made several updates to make its advertising tools more suitable for mobile. With an emphasis on location-rela

Google to restrict ads for payday loans

Google announced today that it will no longer allow payday lenders to advertise on its systems because the loans often come with high interest rates and quick repayment requirements that push borrower

Google Wants To Text Message You With Holiday Shopping Deals

A number of startups emerged this year to offer consumers an easier way to shop: instead of immersive, e-commerce experiences, companies like Magic, Operator, Fetch, GoButler, and others, including

Google Makes It Easier For Developers To Promote Apps And Track Listing Page Performance

Google first announced Universal App Campaigns, a product that allows developers to easily advertise their apps, at its I/O Developer Conference in May. Now, almost half a year later, this service has

Google Makes It Easier For Advertisers To Track Which Ads Generate Phone Calls

Over the course of the last year, Google's AdWords advertising platform started launching a number of new products that allow advertisers to link ads and phone calls. Those include click-to-call ads,

Google AdWords Removes Advertisers’ Ability To Match Only Exact Keywords

Google's AdWords is about to get a small but important update in September, the company announced today. Until now, advertisers had two options when it came to how the company matches their ads to sea

Google’s HTML5 Web Designer Gets Animation Tools, Deeper AdWords And DoubleClick Integrations

Last September, Google launched Web Designer, a free tool for Mac, Windows and Linux that makes it easy for anybody to build interactive HTML5 sites and ads. Since its launch, Web Designer got a coupl

Google Starts Running Consumer Surveys About Select Advertisers, Highlights Data In Search Ads

Google is launching a new feature for advertisers today that highlights data Google gathered from its Consumer Surveys in their ads. These so-called "consumer ratings annotations" can appear under Goo

Pricing Engine Data Shows Lower Costs For Businesses That Advertise On Bing

<a target="_blank" href="">Pricing Engine</a>, a company that guides small businesses through the process of buying online ads, is presenting its first report today (at the

Venturocket Grabs $700K To Kill Resume Spam, Build A Better “Pay-Per-Connection” Jobs Marketplace

With the war for talent alive and well and jobs sites continuing to leave more than a little to be desired, San Francisco-based <a target="_blank" href="">Venturocket</a> is an

Unified Google+ Dashboard Lets Businesses Manage Presence In Search, Social, Maps, AdWords

Google today launched a new dashboard for businesses and Google+ page owners that will provide them with a single dashboard to manage many of their daily activities around Google's tools. The new dash

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Now Let Advertisers Highlight Their Google+ Follower Count, Get Improved In-App Targeting

Google+ is finding its way into every Google product, and AdWords is no exception. Starting today, AdWords advertisers can easily highlight their Google+ follower counts in their enhanced campaigns. O
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