Here’s what to know to raise a Series A right now

If you're thinking about raising a Series A, you should probably start now.

Startups, here’s everything you need to know to raise VC funding

The crew here at TechCrunch has done a lot of writing about fundraising, and how to make an awesome pitch deck over the years. I figured it was time that I put together a collection of all of it in on

VSC Ventures adds $14 million to its storytelling-meets-checkbook investment pitch

It’s a hard time to be building in public. Which means that it’s a hard time to tell your story as an entrepreneur. Which means that for a new venture firm like VSC, which offers public relations

Sequoia is the latest VC firm telling you to take the downturn seriously

Sequoia’s advice largely followed the same script that other venture firms have been using: extend runway, focus on sustainable growth and recognize that an economic recovery may be a ways away.

Everyone is drafting their own startup Black Swan memo

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh, human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. “You can often pick up significant market share in an econo

It’s not business as usual (and investors are admitting it)

“You can often pick up significant market share in an economic downturn by just staying alive,” top startup accelerator Y Combinator wrote in an internal email to its founders this week. The advic

Dismantling the myths around raising your first check

While VC is the flashy gold medal sometimes, the rapid growth of emerging fund managers means that your first check can be piecemealed together from a variety of different sources.

Startup founders must overcome information overload

One of a founder's biggest early challenges is figuring out how to sift through all the advice they receive.

Start Up Services Snake Oil

I’ve been so well entrenched in the journalistic world of entrepreneurship that I haven’t lifted my head out of the mess of funding stories and launch posts to actually pay attention to what is ha

Killing Your Startup On A Thursday Night

This is what you do when you close down your startup: you call Rackspace and cancel the Windows SQL server plan. You email SendGrid and give them notice on your Silver SMTP Service Package. You close

How Entrepreneurs Can Create Their Own Luck

I'm in even worse trouble now. A few weeks ago I had to speak at Barry Ritholz's conference but that turned out to be "only" a panel. It was a great panel but I knew I would only have ten minutes of t

Why Products Suck (And How To Make Them Suck Less)

<img src=""> Now, you might think that making a product that isn’t terrible should be so obvious to every company on the planet as t

Don’t Waste Money on a New Computer for College

<img src="" />Heading off to college? Here's my suggestion: buy a used laptop from Craigslist and install Ubuntu onto it. Seriously

Ask Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

<img src=""><i><a HREF="">Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy</a> are Dr. Adam Sh

Why the little guy can't get a break in consumer electronics and 5 ways to find a leg up

Every few months we get a press release about some great device from a no-name manufacturer who promises to change the world. One example was the TXTR reader from Germany last January. Another is zzzP

Back-to-School: Useful travel gear and other assorted bits of wisdom

Tired of your boring home town? Want to “see the world” like you’re the star of a Disney Channel movie? Do what I and countless others have done—go abroad for a few months, experience

Where are the smartphones for seniors?

A TC/CG reader Teresa asks we, the gadget-nation, a question: where are the good smartphones for seniors? Sure, they have ClarityLife and the Jitterbug but neither of those work as real smartphones. T

Have to get an iPhone on back order? Get the 16GB white

Super sly reader Ken had to get a back-ordered iPhone and when faced with the choice of black or white, 16 or 8, he chose wisely. Just got my direct fulfillment order and seem to be no backups or back

Locking down laptops from the TSACustoms

Thanks to the wisdom of Homeland Security and customs, travellers may now be asked to allow screeners access to your laptops when you fly. While this is pretty shitty for obvious reasons, CNET is offe

iPhone-Codes says don't unlock your iPhone, we say pshaw

This just in from a BFF poster: Unlocking the iPhone is getting popular in the undergrounds and AT&T is lossing millions dollars because of this activity. What with Jailbreak and Metasploit, peopl
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