Krawd turns the ad agency into a marketplace

Meet <a target="_blank" href="">Krawd</a>, a French startup that wants to rethink the way advertising agencies work. Like in <a target="_blank" href="">other indu

HelloSponsor Connects Brands With Local Events Looking For Sponsorships

While programmatic ads continue to reshape the web advertising landscape, the market for advertising at public events still lags behind. HelloSponsor, which just launched after going through AngelPad'

Pinterest Will Open Promoted Pins To All Advertisers Following Success Of Beta Program

After years of questions about how it will make revenue, Pinterest's roadmap to monetization is becoming more clear. The company announced today that its Promoted Pins program, which it made available

In War With Publishers, Tech Companies Take Wrong Approach

Publishers have been offered a seriously raw deal in the war over content on the internet. Linking to another site is free, and there are few revenue sharing agreements between publishers and technolo

Giftgaming Gives You Power-Ups In Exchange For…Giving You Real-World Discounts

Giftgaming is a win-win-win that helps you win. Advertisers get exposure, developers get paid, and you get free virtual goods in mobile games plus coupons for discounts on meatspace purchases. Today,

Here’s The 3 Reasons Europe Green-Lighted Facebook’s $19B WhatsApp Deal

The EU has approved Facebook’s landmark $19 billion acquisition of messaging startup WhatsApp — determining that the two are “not close competitors”. In a statement confirm

Jack Dorsey’s Advertising Agency Couldn’t Make A More Pretentious Website If It Tried

Quid had a good run, but it looks like we have a new champion in the endless battle to have the most pretentious startup website. West, an advertising agency founded by former Apple exec Allison John

Google Launches Partner Select, A Programmatic Video Ad Marketplace For Premium Content

The market for online video ads continues to grow rapidly as more advertisers shift their spending from TV to the web. Google unsurprisingly wants to own its share of this market. In order to court la

Advertisers Not Thrilled With Apple’s Practice Of Protecting Its Users’ Data

Apple has a lot of knowledge regarding its users, which it uses to improve its services and offerings, including names, addresses, locations and purchase histories. But what it doesn't do with that da

The Media Trust Debuts A Solution To Fight Shady App Install Ads Automatically Redirecting Users To App Stores

The recent scourge of shady app install ads that have been automatically redirecting users to the App Store brought to focus how difficult it is to monitor and manage today’s mobile ad ecosystem

Twitter CEO Says He Has No Idea How Many Users Opt Out Of Ads

Dick Costolo, the CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">Twitter</a>, says that it's easy enough for consumers to opt out of tailored ads on Twitter, but he does not know how many actu

Shady App Install Ads Are Automatically Redirecting Mobile Users To App Store, Google Play

For many weeks now, mobile users on both iOS and Android have been encountering a problem where visits to certain websites and apps have automatically redirected them to the platform's app store to do