• Be on the lookout for sneaky advertisements

    Be alert, amigos. I’m spending this chilly Saturday afternoon watching my fair share of Fox Soccer Channel, and some company named Sylvania is advertising heavily. My concern is that someone, maybe someone you know, watching their commercials will be under the impression that an HDTV will improve their Fox Soccer Channel watching experience. I don’t see how, seeing as though… Read More

  • BBG's list of 101 old computer ads

    This exhaustive list of computer advertisements from the olden days should bring most of us to tears. Compuserve… Commodore… Star Raiders. This is the stuff of bitter nostalgia. Read More

  • Shock: Study shows gamers have no problem with in-game advertising

    A recent study—the opening words to every Men’s Health article ever—shows that gamers aren’t put off by in-game advertisements. The study, commissioned by one of the largest ad networks and carried out using EA and Activison games, found that 82 percent of gamers said that games were just as enjoyable with ads as they are without ads. Even more valuable to advertisers… Read More

  • Hulu – remember Hulu? – to show Super Bowl ads post-game

    Hulu, I said! Hulu! Go ahead and skip the Super Bowl tomorrow, friends: Hulu will have all of the commercials on there for your streaming pleasure after the game, ensuring you don’t miss a single whimsical ad or a Miller Lite ad involving two women who fight with a gnome of his secret goldmine of beer. I should be in advertising. Advertisers are paying $2.7 million for… Read More

  • Pass the dutch, Sony This one makes more sense than the others, but it’s still weird as feck. Whatever you’re smoking over there please feel free to send it my way. Read More

  • Another Ad Gets Sony In Trouble

    Again Sony finds itself in trouble for one of its advertisements. Good grief, Sony, learn your lesson already! This time, over in the ban-happy UK, an ad for the PS3 that, apparently, “glamorizes” violence or anti-social behavior was so destructive to the social fabric that the country’s Advertising Standards Authority (wow…) banned it. Gone, the ad never existed. Read More

  • eBay To Broker Radio Ads

    Watch out Google. Just when you thought you were the only big company out there to start offering radio ads, you thought wrong. eBay is stepping into the game now and will start offering a radio ad brokerage service as of today. The service will offer air time for ads to go on more than 2,300 radio stations. Part of the reason eBay is offering these new type of ads is due to the… Read More

  • AT&T To Use iPhone To Push Name Change

    With the iPhone about a month away, AT&T has finally gotten around to realizing they need to ditch the Cingular name. Using the iPhone as a catalyst, AT&T will be replacing signs inside all 1800+ Cingular stores with AT&T logos, adverts, and signs. Says AT&T Spokesperson Mike Coe: “The iPhone is one of the most anticipated handsets ever in the wireless industry, and we… Read More

  • Patent Applicaiton Shows Landline Phone That Displays Internet-Based Ads: Hooray, More Ads

    A patent application that ZDNet unearthed a few days ago shows a regular old telephone that’s capable of displaying Internet-based ads on its screen. That includes Google Ads, part of the reason why Google is worth $infinity right now. The phone uses the Internet Protocol Phone System (like the in-trouble Vonage), so it could also tap into Internet radio streams, provided they’re… Read More

  • New Zune Ad

    The Zune isn’t dead just yet. Microsoft recently unveiled a new campaign designed to showcase the Zune’s battery of features. It also features hip music and ends with the tag “Be Your Own DJ,” which is clearly intended to make you want to go buy a Zune and start your own pants party. I think this ad kind of blows, but watch it and judge for yourself. New Zune… Read More

  • Xbox 360 120GB HDD Rumor #284756389

    Well, this one may not be a rumor, but let’s just say it is until something official comes along. This picture was taken from a GameStop promo poster advertising the rumored 120GB HDD that we’ve all been lusting over for months. Maybe it’s apart of the Elite package, but isn’t it supposed to be all black? It could just be the HD upgrade we’ve been looking for. Read More

  • Oscar iPhone Ad Vincent at MyiPhone went above and beyond the call of duty and grabbed the iPhone Oscar commercial before anyone else. The commercial was kind of dopey. You could just see the marketing folks sitting down saying “OK, we have $40 million and not much time. Read More