• Corkd Gets Hackd

    If you try to visit the URL for wine review website Corkd, you’ll automatically get rerouted to porn site Adult Friend Finder (obviously NSFW). We’re not sure how long this has been the case, but we’re not the only ones noticing. What’s weird about the redirect is that there’s a delay, so you’ll actually see the Corkd website for a second before it switches… Read More

  • Confirmed: Penthouse Buys AdultFriendFinder For $500 Million

    As first reported by Michael November 17, the acquisition by Penthouse of Palo Alto based Various, Inc., the owner of AdultFriendFinder has been confirmed. According to a NY Times report, the buying price was $500 million. Penthouse CEO Marc Bell said that Penthouse’s goal was to provide consumers, particularly 18-to-34-year-old men, with a wide variety of sex-related offerings and that… Read More

  • Update On The AdultFriendFinder Deal

    The rumors keep flying with the AdultFriendFinder deal we’ve been writing about (see update here). No sale has yet been closed, but not due to a lack of a willing seller. We’ve gotten confirmation, from a new source, that their annual revenues are “over $300 million.” And we’re now hearing EBITDA numbers in the $100 million/year range. Penthouse seems to be the… Read More

  • Update On AdultFriendFinder Acquisition – Penthouse May Be The Buyer

    More on the acquisition rumor from yesterday – another source now says they were acquired by Penthouse Media Group, and the price was closer to $500 million. Whether or not a transaction has occured is still somewhat vague, but it seems clear from multiple sources now that Various, Inc., the parent company to Adult FriendFinder and other sites, has at least been trying to sell itself… Read More

  • Whoa: AdultFriendFinder May Have Been Acquired For $1 Billion+

    Update: Penthouse Media Group may be the buyer. The world’s basest online dating site may have had a major liquidity event. Palo Alto based Various, Inc., which owns AdultFriendFinder and scores of other sites, has been acquired, says a source with knowledge of the deal. This is a single source rumor, but the quality of the source suggests, as it has in the past, that the rumor is… Read More