In Wake Of Outcry Over Censorship, Tumblr Explains Its NSFW Policy (Kind Of)

So, I was searching for pornography on Tumblr this morning. (It was work-related!) Word was, the now-Yahoo-owned blogging network made a significant change to the way adult-themed blogs could be disco

Boxee’s Newest Adult Resident: Pornhub, the ‘YouTube Of Porn’

Boxee has slowly but surely been building out the adult content offered through its streaming service, and now there is one more in the mix: Pornhub (NSFW link) -- which informally calls itself the Yo

Review: A10 Cyclone (NSFW)

So once you become a reviewer of Tenga Jars it seems you become the go-to guy for folks trying to sell Tenga Jars. I feel like Malcom’s dad in Breaking Bad. You get into something for noble reas

Online adult entertainment not as recession proof as previously thought

<img src="" alt="porn.jpg" title="porn.jpg" />The adult entertainment industry, once thought to be nearly completely recession-proof, is st A social network for adults

I saw this at MWC 2008 this year and just got around to posting it. TWATR.NET is a social network for adults. It’s very similar to Twitter but you can share photos, video streams, and audio alon