• In Wake Of Outcry Over Censorship, Tumblr Explains Its NSFW Policy (Kind Of)

    In Wake Of Outcry Over Censorship, Tumblr Explains Its NSFW Policy (Kind Of)

    So, I was searching for pornography on Tumblr this morning. (It was work-related!) Word was, the now-Yahoo-owned blogging network made a significant change to the way adult-themed blogs could be discovered on the site, which even further hid their content from public consumption. Tumblr finally addressed the issue this afternoon, following user outcry. Read More

  • Boxee’s Newest Adult Resident: Pornhub, the ‘YouTube Of Porn’

    Boxee’s Newest Adult Resident: Pornhub, the ‘YouTube Of Porn’

    Boxee has slowly but surely been building out the adult content offered through its streaming service, and now there is one more in the mix: Pornhub (NSFW link) — which informally calls itself the YouTube for porn, offering a mix of user-generated and more professional content — is now also coming to the service. But although adult material has long been one of the dead-certs in… Read More

  • Review: A10 Cyclone (NSFW)

    So once you become a reviewer of Tenga Jars it seems you become the go-to guy for folks trying to sell Tenga Jars. I feel like Malcom’s dad in Breaking Bad. You get into something for noble reasons and you end up killing a dude in the desert after blowing up his headquarters with fulminated mercury. Anyway, please bear with me. Someone out there may need this information. Drumroll… Read More

  • Online adult entertainment not as recession proof as previously thought

    The adult entertainment industry, once thought to be nearly completely recession-proof, is struggling against many of the same kinds of problems that “traditional” online entertainment faces. Just like many people are “obtaining” mainstream music and movies without purchasing them through “legitimate” channels, so too are people “obtaining”… Read More

  • A social network for adults

    I saw this at MWC 2008 this year and just got around to posting it. TWATR.NET is a social network for adults. It’s very similar to Twitter but you can share photos, video streams, and audio along with the standard “What are you doing” fare. It’s based in Amsterdam and they’ve secured 2 million euro in funding so far from angel investors including some folks from… Read More