• Don’t Tell Mediafed That RSS Is Dead

    Don’t Tell Mediafed That RSS Is Dead

    It’s not clear what Google’s plans are for FeedBurner, its feed management and syndication platform. By the looks of it, FeedBurner has become a neglected platform, and I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it would get the axe in one of the company’s next rounds of “spring cleaning.” Not too long ago, Google decided to discontinue its AdSense for Feeds… Read More

  • The FeedBurner Deathwatch Continues: Google Kills AdSense For Feeds

    The FeedBurner Deathwatch Continues: Google Kills AdSense For Feeds

    As part of its latest round of “spring cleaning,” Google just announced that it is shuttering AdSense for Feeds. The service, which allows publishers to earn a bit of extra revenue by adding Google’s ads to their RSS feeds, will be retired on October 2 and will close on December 3. Given that Feedburner has long been expected to be on one of Google’s next spring… Read More

  • Google’s “Spring” Cleaning In Fall: AdSense For Feeds, Classic Plus, and Spreadsheet Gadgets Get The Axe

    Google’s “Spring” Cleaning In Fall: AdSense For Feeds, Classic Plus, and Spreadsheet Gadgets Get The Axe

    It’s that time again when Google does its “Spring Cleaning.” Basically, that means the company axes the stuff that really isn’t working and takes up too much time or resources. But lets’ call it what it is, these things failed or fizzled. Read More

  • Google Launches New Ad Formats To Help Developers Monetize Google Maps

    Google Launches New Ad Formats To Help Developers Monetize Google Maps

    As Google Maps continues to face headwind from competitors like OpenStreetMap, Google has to find new ways to entice developers to continue to use its mapping solution. Today, the company is launching new ad units for Google Maps that bring Google’s standard AdSense link units to its maps on third-party sites. These new ad formats join Google’s long-established Maps Ad Unit, which… Read More

  • Google Busts Out The Ultimate Spam Fighting Tool: The Lawsuit

    As an Internet behemoth with properties that get visited a zillion times a day, life battling spammers must be pretty tough for Google. Sure, they invent new technologies to try and stop these jokers. But like parasites, they quickly adapt and come up with new methods to manipulate the system. And when it gets bad enough, it’s now clear that Google is willing to throw technology out… Read More

  • Revealed: Google Keeps Less Than Half Of AdSense Revenue

    Google has (finally) released its revenue share breakdown for AdSense. Publishers apparently earn a 68% revenue share worldwide, meaning Google pays 68% of the revenue that they collect from advertisers. Since launching AdSense for Content in 2003, this revenue share has never changed. For Search, partners see a 51% revenue share for the search ads that appear through their site. Read More

  • OneRiot Believes It Has A Way To Monetize The Realtime Web With RiotWise

    If you’re reading this, you clearly use the Internet. And if you use the Internet, you clearly know Google AdSense. It’s pretty much everywhere (even on this site in places). But as much as Google would like you to believe they are serving up ads that users want to click on because they are relevant, these are still ads, and most people do not want to click on them. OneRiot’s… Read More

  • Google To Open The AdSense Gates To Other Ad Networks — That They Approve Of

    In what looks to be an effort to be the one overall ad network that rules them all, Google sent out an email to AdSense publishers today letting them know that they would soon be opening up their accounts to allow for third-party ad networks to display ads as well. The catch is that it will only be open to third party ad networks that Google deems worthy of certification. Right now, if you… Read More

  • Google's Mobile AdSense For iPhone and Android Apps Now In Public Beta

    Google is moving into the mobile ad market with AdSense for mobile apps. Over the past few months, Google has been testing both text and graphical ads with ten mobile app developers, including Shazam and Urbanspoon. Today it is opening the private beta to more developers who meet certain criteria. These are contextual ads for iPhone and Android apps. To qualify for the public beta, the apps… Read More

  • Google Adsense Says Goodbye To Video Units Feature

    Google AdSense is eliminating its video units feature, which allows publishers to show YouTube content and video ads on their pages. Google says that by the end of April, the feature will be fully eliminated for existing AdSense clients and that new clients of the revenue sharing ad program will no longer be given the option to place video ads on their pages through the program. Publishers… Read More

  • Defending America's Foreign Policy One Adsense Unit At A Time

    Not content to leave Tom Cruise alone in a self promotional Adwords Campaign, the American Government is buying Adwords units in defense of American Foreign Policy. The ad (pictured right) reads “Peace & Security, Creating security through improved relations and cooperation” and links through to a page on with a motto of “Telling America’s Story.”… Read More