Organizing your marketing tech stack

Figuring out how to organize your marketing stack is almost like putting together a 1,000 piece blank jigsaw puzzle -- impossible.

To compete with Google, think small

For companies serving enterprise customers, there are two ways to become a big fish: Go after other big fish or go after lots of small fish.

AdRoll Raises $70M Led By Foundation As Ad Tech And Retargeting Hit The Big Time

<a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a>, a pioneer of online advertising retargeting (the technology that pushes you ads for products that you have viewed online previously), is t

Retargeting Specialist AdRoll Buys YC Alum Userfox To Add Email And CRM Data To Its Net

<a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a>, a online ad retargeting specialist, is expanding the number of sources where it collects data for its platform. Today the company announced

Retargeting Company AdRoll Says It Has Reached A $100M Revenue Run Rate

Online retargeting company <a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a> is announcing that it has reached a revenue run rate of $100 million. To be clear, that's run rate, not the act

Looking Beyond Retargeting, AdRoll Acquires Analytics Startup Bitdeli

Ad retargeting company <a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a> is announcing that it has acquired a startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Bitdeli</a> for a

AdRoll Warns Against Betting Too Heavily On Facebook’s Ad Exchange At The Expense Of The Web

Retargeting company <a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a> has released some data today intended to suggest that advertisers shouldn't rush too quickly to embrace Facebook Exchange

Browse Before You Buy? Adroll's RoundTrip Is Targeting You.

<img src="" width="215" height="72" />With most online services, the idea behind advertising is to get p

AdRoll Emerges From Private Beta With Co-Op Economics For Blog Advertising

When it comes to advertising for blogs, there is Federated Media for the biggest ones, and for everyone else there is AdSense (or some other low-paying ad network). Jared Kopf thinks there is room for

Adroll: The Social Ad Network (Beta Invites)

Jared Kopf thinks that ad networks should be more like social networks. A member of the PayPal mafia (he also helped start Slide), Kopf is now CEO of Adroll, a social ad network that launched in priva