Affirming the position of tech advocates, Supreme Court overturns Trump’s termination of DACA

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that President Donald Trump’s administration unlawfully ended the federal policy providing temporary legal status for immigrants who came to the country as chi

AdRoll Group becomes NextRoll and launches new platform services business

The AdRoll Group has a new name — NextRoll — designed to reflect the company’s moves beyond ad retargeting. “We have, for the longest time, been pigeonholed as a retargeting company, b

AdRoll expands its B2B data and tech by acquiring Growlabs

AdRoll Group announced today that it has acquired Growlabs, a two-year-old startup with business-to-business sales tools and data. While AdRoll is best known for its retargeting technology for consume

Organizing your marketing tech stack

Figuring out how to organize your marketing stack is almost like putting together a 1,000 piece blank jigsaw puzzle -- impossible.

To compete with Google, think small

For companies serving enterprise customers, there are two ways to become a big fish: Go after other big fish or go after lots of small fish.

AdRoll Raises $70M Led By Foundation As Ad Tech And Retargeting Hit The Big Time

<a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a>, a pioneer of online advertising retargeting (the technology that pushes you ads for products that you have viewed online previously), is t

Retargeting Specialist AdRoll Buys YC Alum Userfox To Add Email And CRM Data To Its Net

<a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a>, a online ad retargeting specialist, is expanding the number of sources where it collects data for its platform. Today the company announced

Retargeting Company AdRoll Says It Has Reached A $100M Revenue Run Rate

Online retargeting company <a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a> is announcing that it has reached a revenue run rate of $100 million. To be clear, that's run rate, not the act

Looking Beyond Retargeting, AdRoll Acquires Analytics Startup Bitdeli

Ad retargeting company <a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a> is announcing that it has acquired a startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Bitdeli</a> for a

AdRoll Warns Against Betting Too Heavily On Facebook’s Ad Exchange At The Expense Of The Web

Retargeting company <a target="_blank" href="">AdRoll</a> has released some data today intended to suggest that advertisers shouldn't rush too quickly to embrace Facebook Exchange

Browse Before You Buy? Adroll's RoundTrip Is Targeting You.

<img src="" width="215" height="72" />With most online services, the idea behind advertising is to get p

AdRoll Emerges From Private Beta With Co-Op Economics For Blog Advertising

When it comes to advertising for blogs, there is Federated Media for the biggest ones, and for everyone else there is AdSense (or some other low-paying ad network). Jared Kopf thinks there is room for

Adroll: The Social Ad Network (Beta Invites)

Jared Kopf thinks that ad networks should be more like social networks. A member of the PayPal mafia (he also helped start Slide), Kopf is now CEO of Adroll, a social ad network that launched in priva