ADP raises $23M to help businesses get their R&D tax credits

Nobody likes dealing with taxes — until the system works in your favor. In many countries, startups can receive tax credits for their R&D work and related employee cost, but as with all thin

AWS expands on SageMaker capabilities with end-to-end features for machine learning

Nearly three years after it was first launched, Amazon Web Services’ SageMaker platform has gotten a significant upgrade in the form of new features, making it easier for developers to automate

ADP acquires workforce management software startup WorkMarket

Payroll provider ADP said it is acquiring WorkMarket, a startup that specializes in workforce management software that operates across a wide range of employees and contractors, for an undisclosed sum

CrunchWeek: Apple Is Rich, Zenefits Versus ADP, And Facebook’s Phone Number Battle

Hello, comrades of the revolution, and welcome back to CrunchWeek, TechCrunch's weekly roundup of all things noteworthy. This week our fearless leader, Matthew Lynley, was joined by Sarah Buhr and

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

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ADP Drops Lawsuit Against Human Resources Startup Zenefits

The legacy payroll company ADP on Tuesday dropped its defamation lawsuit against its quickly growing competitor, Zenefits. In a major victory for the startup, a U.S. District Court for the Northern

Zenefits Fires Back At ADP With A Motion To Dismiss “Frivolous” Lawsuit

Here we go again. Zenefits, the cloud-based HR software startup now worth billions filed a motion to strike and dismiss what it calls a “frivolous” defamation lawsuit from ADP. Paycheck se

ADP Sues Zenefits For Defamation, Rolls Out A Competing Service

Payroll giant ADP has filed suit in federal court against HR startup Zenefits and its founder Parker Conrad for defamation. ADP and Zenefits are locked in an on-going battle over client information us

Payroll Giant ADP Cuts Off Small Business Clients’ Access To Zenefits

HR startup ZenefitsĀ and 50-year-old corporate payroll incumbent ADP are pulling no punches in a battle over the use of third-party data. The dispute seems to have started around June 4th when ADP cut

Android’s Design Principles And The Calculus Of The Human Pleasure Response

Android UX and interaction design leads Helena Roeber and Rachel Garb gave a talk at Google I/O this year about the Android Design Principles (ADP) they helped create and introduced back in 2012 with

ZenPayroll Launches Cloud-Based Payroll Service With $6.1M In Seed Funding From CEOs At Yammer, Box, Yelp And Dropbox

Y Combinator company <a target="_blank" href="">ZenPayroll</a> launched its cloud-based payroll service today with $6.1 million in seed funding from Google Ventures and investme