PairTree speeds adoption process with an online, self-matching platform and $2.25M seed

Making the choice to adopt, or to find an adopting family, is a legally complex, emotionally taxing, expensive and time-consuming process. PairTree aims to make one part at least considerably easier a

iOS 8 Adoption Off To A Slower Start Than iOS 7, Say Multiple Usage Trackers

The iOS 8 installation spike is high, but lower than it was for iOS 7 last year, according to numbers from a variety of mobile OS usage monitoring platforms. Chitika, Tapjoy, Mixpanel and Appsee all s

Apple Puts iOS 7 Adoption At 87% As iOS 6 And Older Fade To Black

Apple has just released updating figures around iOS version adoption as measured by its own tracking of app usage, and iOS 7 and up now accounts for 87 percent of all iOS devices by that measurement,

iOS 7.1 Adoption Reaches 12% In Under 48 Hours, Ad Network Reports

iOS 7.1 has already made its way onto as many as 12 percent of active consumer devices capable of running it, according to online ad network Chitika. The firm found that web traffic hitting its networ

Apple Puts iOS 7 Adoption At 74% Based On App Store Usage Numbers

Apple has just updated its developer website for the iOS App Store to show the distribution of devices on different versions of iOS, and iOS 7 now commands a significant league, with 74 percent of dev

iPad Air Adoption 5X That Of iPad 4 After Opening Weekend, Says Fiksu

Apple may indeed have attracted a much broader audience of upgraders for its redesigned 9.7-inch iPad versus last year, according to new early data from mobile app analytics firms. The iPad Air enjoye

Mavericks Reaches 5.5% Of North American OS X Web Traffic In 24 Hours

OS X Mavericks operating system already accounts for 5.5 percent of North American web traffic from Apple’s operating systems just 24 hours after release, ad tracking firm Chitika tells us. The

iOS 7 Adoption Already As High As 35% In One Day, Apple And Developers Reap The Rewards

Apple's big iOS 7 update rolled out to devices yesterday, around 1 PM ET, and while many users encountered a lot of frustrating server errors trying to get it, the numbers show that a lot of people we

iOS 6.1 Adoption On Track To Be Fastest Yet Says Onswipe, With 22% Of Users On Board In 36 Hours

iOS 6.1 arrived just a couple of days ago, bringing little beyond support for new international LTE carriers and movie ticket purchasing via Siri in the U.S., but it's already been installed on a sign

After Early Boom, New Numbers Suggest iOS 6 Adoption May Be Reaching A Plateau

Apple's iOS 6 adoption got off to a quick start, but now, two weeks on, it looks like it may be evening out. New data from Chartboost today, covering the time between iOS 6's launch and Wednesday, sug