• ClusterShot Aims To Become Another iStockphoto Rival

    There’s another online marketplace for buying and selling stock photographs in town, and its name is ClusterShot. Don’t look for it to bring any major innovations in the space, of which Getty Images-owned iStockphoto is arguably the dominant force, but feel free to check it out if you agree that there it needs a bit more competition (also check out our earlier review of… Read More

  • Adography Offers A Way To Cash In On Your Amateur Photos

    Everyone knows there are lots of amateur and hobbyist photographers out there, and collectively they produce a massive amount of material stored on online photo sharing sites and desktops around the globe which might just contain that one image an advertiser was looking to use to communicate a message. Adography is a relatively new service that offers a way to monetize your own amateur photos… Read More