Adobe-Figma acquisition

Even without Adobe, things don’t look too bad for Figma

Now that Adobe is no longer part of the picture, how Figma sailed through this period of uncertainty suggests it will come out of this saga relatively unscathed.

Adobe has a big hole to fill after the $20B Figma deal falls through

Adobe and Figma ended their $20 billion acquisition dream this morning after regulators signaled it would continue to be rough going. Figma still gets a $1 billion consolation prize as part of the dea

The Adobe-Figma breakup isn’t a signal of what’s to come for startup M&A

Most startup exits look nothing like the Adobe-Figma deal, which means this breakup won't impact most future startup acquisitions.

More than a year later, the $20B Adobe-Figma deal is still stuck in regulatory limbo

More than a year after Adobe announced it was acquiring Figma for $20 billion, the deal remains stuck in regulatory limbo.

Designers hated Figma’s collaborative design tool at first, but grew to love it

Back in 2012 when Dylan Field was a student at Brown University, he came up with the idea of building a browser-based design tool. At the time, design tools were all on the desktop, which meant that d

DOJ suit could represent significant stumbling block for $20B Adobe-Figma deal

The DOJ is reportedly getting ready to file suit to block the $20 billion Adobe-Figma deal announced last year on the grounds it is anti-competitive. Bloomberg first reported the story yesterday after