• Adobe Debuts AIR For Android – Now Let's Wait For The Apps

    The AIR for Android runtime is now available in Android Market, enabling developers to push mobile AIR apps built with Adobe’s developer platform. You’ll need a handset equipped with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and obviously this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to run your native AIR desktop apps like you know them on your phone. They’ll need to be specifically built for… Read More

  • ClientShow Debuts Realtime Collaboration App For Creative Pitches

    Last fall, TechCrunch50 startup ClientShow presented its innovative application to help creative, advertising and marketing professionals show, pitch, share and sell their work to clients more effectively through real-time collaboration and communication. Similar to a WebEx for creative professionals, ClientShow allows users to essentially create a “virtual agency” to collaborate… Read More

  • Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.1 And AIR 2.0 – Both Include Multi-touch Support

    A mere week after Adobe Systems reported that it would be shedding nearly 700 employees or 9% of its total worldwide workforce, the company is releasing two highly anticipated new products that have been in the works for a while: Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0. Both of the products are being released with a ‘beta’ label at the same time for all 3 major operating systems (Windows… Read More

  • What Happened To Adobe Air Today? No One Seems To Know.

    We were plagued all day today at the TechCrunch offices with a faulty Yammer Air app. Updates weren’t working or were seriously delayed, and most of us just moved over to the web version to get reliable service. We rely heavily on Yammer to communicate asynchronously across our very distributed team (three continents). I didn’t realize how heavily until today when the service… Read More

  • Adobe AIR Zooms Past 200 Million Installs, And We Have Some Apps To Recommend

    We’ll say it right off the bat: there’s a good chance you have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer, so that probably means you’ve also installed Adobe AIR, the company’s cross-platform runtime environment for RIAs, as well as the application. You may not even be aware those came bundled, but you still have the option to uninstall both… Read More

  • Adobe AIR Is Flying: 100 Million Installations Accounted For

    Adobe has announced that they’ve recorded 100 million successful installations of Adobe AIR, the company’s cross-platform runtime environment for RIAs, at the same time boasting that the newest version of Adobe Flash Player (10) was installed on over half of computers worldwide in just the first two months of its release. The company made the announcement at the Adobe MAX Japan… Read More

  • Flash Is Now A Platform, AIR Gets An Upgrade, And Adobe Puts A Catalyst In Gumbo

    Realizing that Flash is a better name than Flex for a platform, Adobe is now referring to everything it does related to Flash (including the Flash Player, Adobe AIR, Flex developer tools, and Flash media servers) as the Flash Platform. That’s what I’ve been calling it anyway, so I’m glad they finally caught up. Beyond the marketing shift, Adobe will be making some more… Read More

  • TokBox Brings Easy Video Chat To All Platforms With AIR

    TokBox, the impressive video chat startup that doesn’t require any kind of extra software, has launched a new AIR app that will bring the web service’s easy setup to the desktop. Thanks to Adobe’s AIR platform, the software will be cross-compatible and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The client offers a very simple interface that should be familiar to anyone who… Read More

  • Snackr: A tasty RSS reader

    It’s slow this weekend so let’s offer a bit of service “journalism” by pointing you all to Snackr, an Adobe AIR-based RSS reader that pulls stories from your feed list or pre-made OPML file and displays them in a running ticker along your desktop. It works in OS X and Windows. I’m a NewsFire man myself, but I’ve been looking for a good, unobtrusive RSS… Read More

  • Snackr: A Tasty RSS Reader

    It’s slow this weekend so let’s offer a bit of service “journalism” by pointing you all to Snackr, an Adobe AIR-based RSS reader that pulls stories from your feed list or pre-made OPML file and displays them in random ticker along your desktop. It works in OS X and Windows. I’m a NewsFire man myself, but I’ve been looking for a good, unobtrusive RSS ticker for… Read More

  • Beatport's new Adobe AIR download manager helps organize your music (See, it's not always about music piracy)

    Lest you all think I’m a nefarious, profit-hating music pirate , I bring word of Beatport’s latest innovation in online music distribution. The music site has developed an Adobe AIR download client that brings the fun of clicking “download now” from your Web browser to a stand-alone program. (If you use twhirl, and follow our sorry lot on Twitter , then you already… Read More

  • Coghead 2.0: Built on Adobe Flex, Hosted By Amazon

    Today, Coghead is introducing the 2.0 version of its DIY, Web-based, enterprise-application development service. The site boasts a new user interface (screen shots below) based on Adobe Flex, with 50 new features and performance that is three times faster than the previous version. Basically, this amounts to a massive upgrade of its Website, but calling it Coghead 2.0 lets the company make a… Read More

  • Adobe Apollo Launches Beta, Now Called Adobe AIR

    Adobe moved its new Apollo Platform forward this evening by releasing the beta version (the previous Apollo release was a developer preview). They’ve also renamed the platform to Adobe Integrated Runtime. They’re referring to it as “Adobe AIR” (meaning Adobe is in the name twice, but who’s counting). The new version fully supports HTML and Ajax, meaning Apollo… Read More

  • Digg API Visualization Contest Delivers Apollo Powered Applications

    The Digg API Visualization Contest held to celebrate the launch of the Digg API is now in its final stages with 10 shortlisted candidates. Four of the ten finalists are Abode Apollo based applications, remarkable for a platform launched just over 2 months ago. The four Apollo based finalists: D’Lite is an Apollo application that utilizes Digg’s API to retrieve data, information… Read More

  • Project San Dimas Beta: Cleaning Up eBay's UI

    At the Web 2.0 Expo, online auction giant eBay seems to finally be rethinking their user experience with the announcement of a new Apollo application currently called “Project San Dimas” released into a limited beta. The new application is meant to make buying and selling items on eBay more efficient, competing with third party “Power User” auction service giants Vendio… Read More

  • Adobe Apollo Launched, So Go Build Something

    Adobe just announced that it’s much anticipated Apollo platform is now available for developers. The software developers kit can be downloaded at Although this is the official release of the SDK, many developers have been working with Apollo for quite some time. Ryan Stewart recently covered the some of the better Apollo demos from an event they put on last month. Read More

  • Best Apollo Demos

    There were a bunch of product demos today at Adobe’s Engage event, but there were a few that stood out and should have a big impact on the startup world. They also happened to be some of the best demos of the day. Virtual Ubiquity – Rick Treitman demoed their word processor application, BuzzWord, which was built entirely in Flex 2 and looks like it could be a direct competitor… Read More

  • Talking Apollo with Kevin Lynch at Adobe Engage

    I’m at the Adobe Engage event with a bunch of other bloggers including David Berlind, Tim O’Reilly, Robert Scoble and James Governor. We’re getting demos from Adobe customers (and in some cases products the company is working on) which I’m covering over on my ZDNet blog, The Universal Desktop. The big highlight so far has been Adobe senior vice president and chief… Read More

  • Adobe's Apollo Provides New Ground For Entrepreneurs

    Undoubtedly you’ve heard the term “Rich Internet Application” (RIA) with increasing frequency lately. Sometimes you hear about it in context of Ajax, sometimes with Flash, and now even Microsoft gets talked about as having an RIA solution with “WPF/E”. The reality is that this is still a very unknown subset of the technology world and anyone who tries to define… Read More

  • Preparing For Apollo

    2007 will bring the launch of the much anticipated Adobe Apollo platform, a cross platform run time that will allow developers to take rich internet applications, whether they be built on Flash, HTML, JavaScript and/or Ajax, and turn them into desktop applications. Apollo will be useful for running desktop versions of critical web applications like email and calendaring, where offline access… Read More