• AdWhirl Now Lets Developers Tap Into As Many Mobile Ad Networks As They Want

    AdWhirl, the AdMob-owned service that allows mobile developers to quickly switch between mobile ad networks without having to update their applications, has just given developers even more flexibility: they can now include as many ad networks as they want, including both the default built-in set of networks and any other networks they want to integrate themselves. This comes as a followup… Read More

  • AdMob: Android Passes iPhone Web Traffic In U.S.

    As we noted earlier, mobile ad network AdMob has released its monthly mobile metrics report for March, which takes a close look at Android OS traffic. One interesting stat that was hidden in the report was that Android ad traffic overtook iPhone traffic in the U.S. for the month of March. According to the report, Android traffic in the U.S. increased to 46 percent of operating system share… Read More

  • AdMob Report: One Third Of Android Phones Account For 96 Percent Of Traffic, Motorola Droid Takes The Lead

    Mobile Ad Network AdMob has released its monthly mobile metrics report for March, which takes a close look at Android OS traffic. In March 2010, there were 34 Android devices from 12 manufacturers available to consumers. In AdMob’s network in March 2010, 11 devices accounted for 96 percent of Android traffic, up from two devices in September 2009. The three primary versions of the… Read More

  • Reuters: FTC Lawyers To Recommend Blocking Google-AdMob Deal

    The FTC is reportedly gearing up to challenge the Google-AdMob deal, due to anti-trust regulations The search giant acquired the popular mobile advertising network for $750 million last Fall. Reports emerged today from Reuters’ sources that the FTC’s lawyers will recommend that the Commission block the deal. We’re not surprised, considering that we heard that Google was… Read More

  • 4INFO Tells FTC: Approve The Google/AdMob Deal

    A couple of weeks ago we reported that Google was taking the unprecedented step of reaching out to AdMob competitors to get their support around their acquisition of the company. The FTC is looking very hard at the deal, and some consumer groups have lobbied the FTC to block it. Despite the fact that Apple acquired AdMob’s closest rival, Quattro Wireless. But at least one of… Read More

  • Mobile Advertising Network Greystripe Brings Its iFlash Ads To The iPad

    Although the iPad apparently lacks Flash, that doesn’t mean that rich media won’t be able to function on the device. Yesterday, we heard that Brightcove will stream video in an HTML5 video player as opposed to a Flash unit. And today, Greystripe is announcing that it will be bringing its rich media iFlash ad units to the iPad in May. Greystripe has been allowing advertisers to… Read More

  • AdMob Registers 50% Market Share For iPhone OS Based On Smartphone Traffic

    According to AdMob, smartphones accounted for 48 percent of its worldwide traffic last month, up from 35 percent in February 2009. Dominant still is iPhone OS, which has increased its share of smartphone requests on the AdMob network from 33 percent in February 2009 to 50 percent in February 2010. Android, however, is the fastest-growing these days. Symbian is the big loser: while it accounted… Read More

  • AdMob Launches New SDKs For Android And iPhone Platforms, Enhances Publisher Tools

    AdMob, the mobile advertising unit bought by Google last year for a whopping $750 million, is upgrading its platform today. The company is launching new SDK’s for Android, Flash Lite and iPhone platforms and is also rolling out a number of new publisher tools, including a new publisher dashboard, an enhanced Reporting UI, a new Reporting API and Server Side SDK Controls. The new Android… Read More

  • Google Asks Mobile Companies For Help With FTC Over Admob Deal

    Google is reaching out to mobile companies for help in getting their proposed Admob acquisition cleared by the FTC. Specifically, they’re asking select companies to write letters in support of the deal, which Google will then forward to the FTC. We spoke with one mobile advertising company this afternoon that received the request from Google. The company was asked to write their thoughts… Read More

  • Scamville Marches Onto The iPhone, Sneaks Back Into Facebook

    Scamville Marches Onto The iPhone, Sneaks Back Into Facebook

    In our Scamville series of posts last October we exposed the massive user fraud occurring Facebook and MySpace social games. Fake quizzes tied to long term mobile subscriptions, malware-laden toolbar downloads and other scams were the center of the controversy. The industry did a lot of talking in the wake of those posts and some long term changes have been made. For the most part, for… Read More

  • 91% Of iPhone Users Would Recommend Device Vs. 69% Of webOS Users: AdMob

    91% Of iPhone Users Would Recommend Device Vs. 69% Of webOS Users: AdMob

    AdMob, the mobile advertising network currently being acquired by Google, this morning featured the latest results of its monthly analysis of consumer usage and attitudes across the Android, iPhone and webOS application platforms in its January 2010 AdMob Mobile Metrics Report. Among the most interesting things the survey found is the conclusion that 91 percent of iPhone users would… Read More

  • iPhone And Android Now Account For 81 Percent Of Smartphone Web Ads In the U.S.

    When it comes to the mobile Web, increasingly there are only two mobile platforms that matter: Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. According to market share data put out today by AdMob (which is being acquired by Google), the iPhone and Android combined captured 81 percent of U.S. mobile ad impressions on smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2009, up from a combined 55 percent in… Read More

  • Denied AdMob, Apple Buys Competing Ad Platform Quattro Wireless For $275 Million

    We’re hearing that Apple is buying mobile advertising company Quattro Wireless for $275 million. This jives with reports earlier this evening of a deal between the two companies. Our source says that there was initially talk of a $400 million pricetag, but that has since come down. We’ve also heard that Microsoft may have been very interested as well. The news comes only two… Read More

  • Mobile Ad Impressions On Android Double Since October

    Mobile ad network AdMob has just released its latest stats tracking the rise of Android, and it’s clear that Google’s mobile platform is quickly gaining steam. AdMob writes that between October and December, the number of ad requests worldwide from Android devices increased a whopping 97% to over 1 billion ad requests. In other words, the number of requests from Android… Read More

  • Consumer Groups Lobby FTC To Block Google's Acquisition Of AdMob

    Google recently revealed that the Federal Trade Commission was intensely reviewing the search giant’s recent $750 million acquisition of mobile ad network AdMob. Last week, Google said the FTC has made a second request for further information about the deal. Today, two consumer groups, Consumer Watchdog and the Center For Digital Democracy, have asked the FTC to block the deal on… Read More

  • Top Tech Acquisitions Of 2009

    We track a lot of acquisitions on CrunchBase.  At the beginning of 2009, acquisitions were at a standstill.  But as the economy begrudgingly roused itself from recession, the deal flow started to pick up in the summer, and then rebounded more in the third quarter.  There are still a couple weeks left in the year, and a lot can still happen, such as Google buying Yelp for more than… Read More

  • AdWhirl Spins Its Own Open Source iPhone SDK And Server

    AdWhirl is a mobile advertising service that allows app developers to easily switch ad networks without being a hassle to the end users. They were acquired by the ad network AdMob back in August, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing what they do. And today, they’re making their offering even better by open sourcing the whole thing. With the new AdWhirl iPhone SDK, developers can… Read More

  • Greystripe Launches Ads For Android

    Mobile advertising network Greystripe is rolling out its ad formats for the Android this morning, offering Android app developers with an an Android SDK and an opportunity to monetize their applications. Greystripe, which has delivered ads into over 300 million ad-supported games and applications on the iPhone and Java platform, says that with the success of its ads on iPhone apps, it… Read More

  • iPhone Developers Get An Open Ad Management Platform From .App/Ads

    As the ecosystem around iPhone apps continues to explode, the opportunity for advertising and monetization grows simultaneously. There are been an abundance of mobile and specifically iPhone centric ad-networks that have emerged, like AdMob (which was acquired by Google a few weeks ago), Greystripe, InMobi and others, to help developers make money from advertising on aps. And ad exchange… Read More

  • Mobile Ad Network InMobi Turns Profitable, Eyes Expansion In U.S.

    In August, we covered mobile ad network InMobi, which was been performing very well in the Asia and Africa and beginning to expand to Europe. My colleague Robin Wauters wrote that while InMobi was seeing success in some global markets, traction in Europe is key for the ad network to really take off. Four months later, InMobi is now profitable and seeing a fair amount of growth in Europe and… Read More

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