• Runtastic Acquired By Adidas For $240M

    Runtastic Acquired By Adidas For $240M

    Long time fitness app maker Runtastic has been acquired by sportswear brand adidas Group. The news was announced today in a blog post. The deal values Runtastic at €220 million ($240 million). The transaction was signed and closed today. The European app maker, which was founded in Austria back in 2009, before the quantified self movement got into its full stride, has more than 20… Read More

  • Are Adidas Springblades The New Crazy Monkey Shoes?

    Are Adidas Springblades The New Crazy Monkey Shoes?

    It is a point of pride and, to an extent, shame that I introduced the TC audience to minimal running shoes aka crazy monkey shoes. Since first reviewing odd shoes back in 2009 I’ve tried to to keep up with the trends. The latest stop in my exploration? Adidas Springblade. Read More

  • Adidas Launches The SPEED_CELL Workout Tracker

    Adidas Launches The SPEED_CELL Workout Tracker

    Not content to let Nike hog the spotlight, Adidas has launched the SPEED_CELL, a miCoach compatible shoe dongle that senses your foot’s speed, acceleration, and distance travelled. The SPEED_CELL works with multiple sports and fits right inside the shoe’s outsole. Unlike the Nike+ gear, the SPEED_CELL is more focused on general sporting rather than solely on running. It offers a… Read More

  • Adidas Now Has The Lightest Shoe In All Of Basketball. You Might Even Call It Crazy Light.

    You’re looking at the lightest shoe in all of basketball. It’s the Adidas adiZero Crazy Light, and it weighs a mere 9.8 ounces. With the Crazy Light, Adidas now has the market cornered on lightest-footwear in three sports: basketball, football, and soccer, soccer being the best sport of the three, of course. Read More

  • Incoming Adidas AdiZero 5-Star Is The Lightest Football (As In NFL) Cleat Ever Created

    The new year has started, and we’re getting back into the swing of things here at CG. (CES is this week, woo~!) The first big thing I have to share with y’all? Yet another example convergence of tech and sport. Last year saw a number of such convergences, from the Jabulani soccer ball at the World Cup (by the way, where did all those complaints surrounding the Jabulani go? The ball… Read More

  • Sennheiser + Adidas = HD 25 Originals

    Not too much to this next bit, but not every post is the size of the Fallout: New Vegas strategy guide. Sennheiser has teamed up with Adidas to create the HD 25 Originals, a pair of headphones that “are ideal for everyday listening in comfort and style or when you are working in the club or studio.” Read More

  • Adidas' NBA Revolution 30 Jersey: TechFit, Climacool, The Works

    Looks like some of the technological advancements adidas brought to the World Cup (and have since moved into the domestic leagues… see Alexandre Pato wearing that TechFit kit) are starting to make their way into American sports. The company announced earlier today the release of NBA Revolution 30, the “lightest and most technologically advanced” NBA uniforms ever. That means when… Read More

  • "Braawrglrrlgrr!" Means "I Like This Coat" in Wookie

    Adidas Originals, makers of the Star Wars kicks, is about to drop some Kashyyk on you and yours. The Wookiee coat features a furry hood, a Wookie belt (what did he have in there anyway?) and a quilted outer shell. Read More

  • Adidas MiCoach Now On iPhone, BlackBerry: GPS-Assisted Exercise Gets You Into Shape For Free

    MiCoach, Adidas’ easy-to-use training system that first debuted at CES in January, is now available for your iPhone and BlackBerry. With the App, which is free, you’re able to exercise (run or jog, primarily) more efficiently than you might otherwise be able to. Used in conjunction with the MiCoach Web site, you can plan a safe exercise regimen to lose weight, build stamina, or… Read More

  • Gentlemen – the Adidas Han Solo SL-72

    Oh man. I want these so bad. I want them more than the Wings and the X-Wings combined. I don’t often gush about fashion, but I just think these are unbelievably cool. Also, they are associated with Han Solo, who is one of my personal heroes (the others being Carl Sagan and Captain America). Available this fall, likely for way too much money. [via High Snobiety, Fashionably Geek, and… Read More

  • New Adidas Wings 2.0 shoes are the next best thing to actual flying kicks

    Adidas has a hit on their hands, I think — not just with these “Wings 2.0” shoes designed by Jeremy Scott. The Star Wars line of originals was also a huge hit. Custom, short-run gear like this is blowing up — even mad designs (like these) are going to find buyers (like me). Combine expert curating with the long tail effect and… yeah. Wings on your shoes. More… Read More