• Facebook’s Ad Exchange Director, Former AdGrok CEO Antonio Garcia-Martinez, Hits The Road

    Facebook’s Ad Exchange Director, Former AdGrok CEO Antonio Garcia-Martinez, Hits The Road

    “FBX was my baby that I staked everything on. We shipped it fast, scaled it up, and now the baby talks and can walk to school, but I don’t feel I need to babysit it,” says Antonio Garcia-Martinez, product director of Facebook’s ad exchange who announced he’s leaving the company today. After selling his company AdGrok to Twitter, then defecting to Facebook two… Read More

  • AdGrok Team Joins Twitter To Help With Revenue — Except Founder/CEO Who Goes To Facebook

    Yesterday, we reported that Twitter was close to acquiring AdGrok, the Y Combinator-backed keyword bidding platform. Today, the company has confirmed the move with a blog post, “@AdGrok Is Going To @JoinTheFlock“. But as we noted in an update to our post yesterday, things are a little bit more complicated than they appear. You see, one of AdGrok’s founders and its CEO… Read More

  • AdGrok Raises $470K To Be The TurboTax For Search Engine Marketing

    Y Combinator-backed AdGrok has raised $470,000 in angel funding from Chris Sacca, Russ Siegelman, Ben Narasin, TriplePoint Capital and Y Combinator. Today, the startup, which launched in August 2010, is also announcing the general availability of AdGrok to users. AdGrok’s web-based platform allows small businesses purchase contextual keywords on Google AdWords, without the cost of a… Read More

  • AdGrok Simplifies Keyword Bidding And More On Google AdWords

    Using Google AdWords for search advertising is necessary for many businesses but choosing the right keywords to bid on can me a challenging task for those who are unfamiliar with the process. There is an art to search engine marketing when it comes to choosing contextual keywords on Google AdWords, which is why SEM agencies have emerged to help businesses with this process. But Y… Read More