Meet two open source challengers to OpenAI’s ‘multimodal’ GPT-4V

OpenAI’s GPT-4V is being hailed as the next big thing in AI: a “multimodal” model that can understand both text and images. This has obvious utility, which is why a pair of open sour

What’s being built in generative AI today?

If you look past the headlines about the money and hype around generative AI, what are today's AI startups building?

Adept, a startup training AI to use existing software and APIs, raises $350M

In another sign that the current VC appetite for AI is insatiable, Adept, a startup building AI that “enables humans and computers to work together creatively to solve problems,” yesterday

Adept aims to build AI that can automate any software process

In 2016 at TechCrunch Disrupt New York, several of the original developers behind what became Siri unveiled Viv, an AI platform that promised to connect various third-party applications to perform jus