• Oracle Buys Audience Tracking Firm AddThis For Around $200M

    Oracle Buys Audience Tracking Firm AddThis For Around $200M

    Oracle continues to ramp up its business in the area of marketing tech. Today the enterprise software giant announced that it has acquired AddThis, which makes sharing features (i.e., those buttons on web pages that let you share stories or follow accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and audience tracking technology for online publishers and marketers. AddThis says it currently… Read More

  • AddThis Launches Smart Layers, Giving Websites Social And Personalization Tools That Adapt To Mobile

    AddThis Launches Smart Layers, Giving Websites Social And Personalization Tools That Adapt To Mobile

    AddThis has released a new platform called Smart Layers, which it says can improve traffic and engagement by just adding a single line of code. President and CEO Ramsey McGrory told me that Smart Layers both improves on the publisher tools that AddThis was already offering and introduces some new ones. Read More

  • AddThis Updates Its Publisher Tools With Instant Sharing

    AddThis Updates Its Publisher Tools With Instant Sharing

    Social widget-maker AddThis is announcing several updates to its service today, which should collectively make for a smoother social sharing experience. One of the main additions is a feature called instant sharing, which allows users to share content to Facebook and Twitter without having to leave the page that they’re reading. That could doubly help the publishers that AddThis works with. Read More

  • Clearspring Takes AddThis Mobile With Social Sharing SDKs For iPhone, Android And The Web

    Clearspring Technologies, the developer of social sharing platform AddThis, is launching its mobile strategy today, unveiling optimized technologies for the iPhone, Android and mobile web. For background, the AddThis button sharing tool is currently deployed on 9 million websites worldwide and allows users to easily and quickly share content with others through more than 300 social… Read More

  • AddThis Indeed: Clearspring Raises $20 Million As It Rides Social Sharing Boom

    AddThis Indeed: Clearspring Raises $20 Million As It Rides Social Sharing Boom

    The name Clearspring Technologies may not be terribly familiar to you, but chances are you’ve often clicked on or at least come across its AddThis buttons, which are plastered on publisher sites Web-wide. The U.S.-based social sharing platform company this morning announced that it has raised a whopping $20 million in a Series D round of funding led by Institutional Venture Partners… Read More

  • After 5 Years Of Facilitating Sharing On The Web, AddToAny Turns A Profit

    Like Twitter, AddToAny turns five years old this week. It doesn’t garner even a fraction of the attention that venture-backed competitors like Clearspring (AddThis), Gigya and ShareThis do, but it has definitely put its stake in the social sharing widget ground. Note: the above-cited rivals have raised roughly $90 million combined, while AddToAny has never taken outside financing since… Read More

  • ShareThis Now On 1 Million Websites, Appoints Former Yahoo Marketer As CMO

    ShareThis, which you may be familiar with thanks to all the buttons online publishers worldwide have been plastering on their sites to lure you into spreading their content, is now live at roughly 1 million websites, aggregately reaching more than 400 million users. The company has now tapped Kristen Fergason, formerly a marketer at Yahoo, as its new CMO to grow even more. In addition to… Read More

  • Google Buzz Boosts Sharing On Google Reader By 35 Percent

    Social sharing is becoming a big contributor to traffic for many sites. While Facebook and Twitter drive more sharing than any other services, Google is trying to compete with Buzz, which is now part of Gmail but shares links to article and blog posts through Google Reader. Over the past month, according to AddThis, sharing through Google Reader is up 35 percent, with a big jump on February… Read More

  • MadKast Raises $300K For Link Sharing Widget

    The first TechStars company to launch, MadKast has raised a $300,000 series A round of financing from EONBusiness Venture Capital and several Angel investors in California and Colorado. Another TechStars company, EventVue, closed their own round of funding last week. MadKast is an embeddable widget that lets you easily share links with your friends on any of 15 link sharing sites (Digg… Read More

  • AddThis Widget Gathering Lots Of Interesting Data

    You may have seen the AddThis buttons on blogs at some point while surfing the web. It’s a simple, free widget blog owners can add to their site that shows a number of bookmarking options at the end of a blog post (there’s also a feed reader widget for easy RSS subscriptions). Readers can bookmark the post on Digg,, Stumbleupon, Google Bookmarks, Bluedot and other… Read More