Freemium Game Dev Addmired Rebrands As Machine Zone, Lands $8M From Menlo Ventures

Oh, how times have changed for Addmired team. The Y Combinator startup first debuted in 2008 with an Hot or Not-esque <a href="

Girl Wars: iMob Swaps Its Guns For High Heels

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iMob Hits The iPhone: Prepare To Become An Addict

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> Mob Wars - a largely text based strategy game that throws users into a virtual underworld

Y Combinator Demo Day Roundup for Spring 2008

The fledgling startups listed below will present their ideas and initial products to investors at this spring’s Y Combinator Demo Day on March 18. Of the 19 companies in this batch, 10 have alre

MySpacers Will Love This AddHer Widget Thingy Anyone who’s ever visited HotOrNot and clicked on pictures for hours will be a perfect user for AddHer. Users (women only at this point, look for AddHi