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  • It's A Meme! Get Photoshop Warmed Up And Win A Bing Tshirt

    It started off as an innocent marketing mistake: Microsoft photoshopped a black man out of a picture for their Polish website and replaced it with a white guy. They left the black guy’s hand in the photo, but whatever. and that monitor still isn’t plugged in to anything at all. Microsoft apologized and changed the Polish site to the original image. But it’s too late. Read More

  • Facebook 3.0 For iPhone Submitted. Now Let's Count The Days Until It's Available

    Facebook has submitted v. 3.0 of their iPhone application to Apple, Joe Hewitt says via Twitter: “Just uploaded Facebook for iPhone 3.0 to the App Store for review. :)” Hewitt also says he’ll post screen shots and more detais on this Facebook page for the iPhone app next week, and that he’s looking forward to getting started on v. 3.1 tomorrow. We’ve been tracking… Read More

  • Thanko strikes again: Catgirl Earphones

    Tokyo-based crap gadget specialist Thanko is usually known for selling USB stuff nobody needs. Their newest hit product doesn’t feature a USB port, but the target group for their Catgirl Earphones [JP] should be quite small, too. Marketed as a gadget for the Cosplay crowd, the earphones are supposed to turn your girlfriend into a cute catgirl. Read More

  • Darth Vader clock: Know when it's time to wake up alone

    It’s only $32.99, it includes an auxiliary jack for your iPod, MP3, or CD player, and runs off wall power o one 9-volt battery. Sadly it’s only available for pre-order right now, but heck, you’re not doing anything until August anyway. Just order it and wait. Read More

  • YOU IS WINNAR! The Pleo finds a home

    Wow. You guys wanted a Pleo. When we offered you one a few days ago I didn’t realize 707 people would comment wildly in hopes of winning a little green dinosaur. Well, there is a winner and he is… Read More

  • Flash comes to Android

    Adobe and HTC are bringing Flash to Android on its new Hero smartphone. The implementation will support video and audio codecs familiar to users of Flash on the desktop. The HTC Hero delivers powerful, compatible video playback performance using Flash technology, and interactive content enabled by ActionScript® 2.0. Users can enjoy and navigate through Web videos using intuitive video controls. Read More

  • Here Comes The iPhone 3G S

    AT&T has just released official word about the upcoming wave of iPhone 3G S device deliveries to its retail locations and directly to customers who have pre-ordered the widely anticipated phone. TechCrunch is here to make it easier for you to skim the information by breaking the press release down to the core items (no thank you required): (after the jump) Read More

  • Video Review: Bleep Labs Thingamagoop

    What do you get when a Kaossilator and a Chumby mate? How about the Thingamagoop from Bleep Labs? This little bugger has an LED, a photo-resistor, and some knobs and it makes a lot of noise. What kind of noise? Noise-rock noise, which could put a damper on my plans to add this to the woodwind section in the orchestra playing my new opus, the iPhone Sonata in D Minor.
    The website has a… Read More

  • The Swarms of Summer

    While we continue to debate the Death of RSS, another more interesting battle is taking place inside the walls of some important companies about the shape of the new realtime network. Though Google has seemed to capture the imagination of the Valley and the respect of Microsoft, it is Redmond where the impact of realtime is most sharply felt. Google’s 20 percent project has finally… Read More

  • iLike launches custom iPhone apps, syndication platform to help artists connect with fans

    iLike, the popular music discovery site with a huge presence on social networks, is launching a set of new syndication services for musicians. Beginning tonight, iLike now offers extensive integration with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube, allowing artists to distribute content to each of their online presences from a single control panel. In addition to these, the company is also… Read More

  • TicketLeap Goes Anywhere With Online DIY Box Office Solution

    TicketLeap, the Philadelphia-based provider of Internet ticketing services for event organizers, recently launched a product that turns any Internet-enabled computer with a browser into a functional box-office ticketing system. The new product, dubbed Anywhere, allows organizers of events – big or small – to facilitate the online handling of ticket sales at the venue door or… Read More

  • Amazon Kindle DX: 9.7-inch screen and $489

    Amazon’s third incarnation of the Kindle is here, folks. All 9.7-inches of it. Specs and info leaked about the now official Kindle over the last week and they seemed pretty much dead on. It comes packing with the larger screen, auto-rotating screen, and finally supports PDF files fully with a native PDF reader. This larger Kindle also ups the storage capacity from 1,500 books on the Kindle… Read More

  • Third episode of Laptop Hunters: $1,500 and they still don't buy Mac

    This episode of Laptop Hunters has been brought to you by Microsoft and Sony VAIO. Spoiler: the actors don’t buy a Mac, instead wander aimlessly around the dozens of PC models until finding a Blu-ray equipped Sony VAIO. Sorry to ruin the surprise. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Barnes and Noble eReader coming soon? Could it be called the BNindle?

    TheStreet has a juicy rumor that Barnes & Noble, a store where physical “books” in “paper” form are sold to “customers” who stand in line to pay with “cash” or “forms of credit” is working on an eBook reader, possibly in partnership with Verizon. The rumor has all the makings of a real live product. They may offer book downloads… Read More

  • Wendy's asking you to "bid" on prizes

    This may seem a little off topic for CrunchGear, but once you see the prize list, you’ll understand why we’re talking about it. Hamburger hucksters Wendy’s is holding a contest of sorts, auctioning off a few different prizes each day. Read More

  • General Mills Enters Tech News Space With Forced Acquisition of CrunchGear

    Hello CrunchGear Readers! On behalf of Kendall J. Powell and the entire General Mills team I’m proud to announce that CrunchGear, TechCrunch’s former tech blog, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Mills and will feature both tech news as well as local news relating to our consumption of Big G cereal products including, but in no way limited to, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Boo… Read More

  • Google lays off 200

    Google has cut 200 jobs in sales and marketing, a first for the search giant. According to VWag a tipster wrote: A friend of mine in the San Francisco office’s AdWords division (who wants to remain nameless) was laid off this morning. She also said there were 200 people total. They are still on payroll for two months and have the opportunity to apply for other jobs within the company. Read More

  • Find Love On Your iPhone With

    Online dating site is releasing a native iPhone application for its 15 million members to date on the go. The app allows users to edit their profile, upload photos, and even has an opt-in to a location based feature that allows them to see singles in their area. The last feature seems to be the most innovative one-there is definitely a market for location based dating on iPhones… Read More

  • Expensify's Free Expense Report System Takes The Hassle Out of Reimbursements

    Expensify, the startup that took second place at TC50’s demo pit last year, has launched the public beta version of its business expense tracking and reimbursement system. Expensify has created a bigger and better version of its system, which we reviewed last fall. Expensify still offers the “electronic payment card,” which is essentially an Expensify-branded MasterCard that… Read More

  • Liftopia's Ski-Lift Ticketing System Begins To Snowball

    Liftopia is an innovative ticketing system for ski resorts that brings the variable pricing structure of online airline tickets to the ski slopes. Using the system, resorts can adjust the prices of their ski lift tickets to suit demand, with customers getting an average 33% discount. It’s a great idea, but one that had largely failed to take off until this year. Liftopia launched back… Read More

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