• Kensington Ultra Compact Notebook Power Adapter lives up to its name

    Short Version: A tiny-but-mighty universal adapter that can power most full-sized laptops. Read More

  • Tiny netbook charger features auto and home plugs, retractable cord

    Emerge Technologies has an intriguing universal netbook adapter on its hands with this 40-watt car and wall charger. Aside from the adapter’s tiny size, it’s got just a single retractable cord for connection to your netbook and an extra USB port for charging up a mobile device. Read More

  • Kensington’s new universal laptop charger, she is wonderfully tiny

    Just met with Kensington here at CES and they’ve got a universal notebook charger coming out next month that uses 30% less energy than conventional adapters and is, perhaps more importantly, very nicely sized at 4.5″ x 2.2″ x 0.8″ – the photos don’t quite do it justice. I thought it was a larger external backup battery for a cell phone at first. Read More

  • Universal notebook adapter features retractable power cord, two USB ports

    The war against the tangled mess that’s created by most notebook power adapters has been moving forward lately, with Emerge Technologies’ ReTrak universal notebook adapter. Read More

  • You may now purchase Belkin's $20 iPod shuffle adapter

    More power to Apple and its legion of accessory makers. Asking people to pay $20 to use your own headphones with an $80 MP3 player is ballsy — brass ballsy. Such is the story of the new iPod shuffle, though, and I’m willing to bet that people will indeed pay for an inline headphone adapter. Read More

  • Cooler Master touts world's smallest 95W laptop adapter

    In the neverending quest to shrink down the size of notebook power adapters, Cooler Master tosses its hat into the ring with the pretty-small SNA 95. It’s a 95-watt adapter with some thoughtful extras like a USB charging port, cable management base, and nine different power tips for widespread compatibility with most notebook manufacturers. Read More

  • Review: Innergie mCube90 Universal Adapter

    Short Version: A thoughtful universal power adapter that can charge your laptop and a USB-powered device simultaneously, the Innergie mCube90 features a tiny secondary DC adapter that detaches from the main adapter for use in cars and airplanes. Read More

  • Cassette MP3 player works in your car or on its own

    I remember seeing a prototype (or something similar) of this kind of device maybe a couple of years ago and thought it was a pretty good idea. For those of you who have old cassette decks (or new ones, even) in your car but have gone all digital as far as your music is concerned, this might be a doodad worth looking into. It’s basically a cassette tape that holds an SD card loaded up… Read More

  • Familator lets you play Famicom games on your DS Lite

    If the Game Boy Advance slot on your DS Lite isn’t getting much use, this adapter might be just the thing to bring it out of its funk. It’s called the CYBER Familator Lite and it allows you to play Famicom games and, with yet another adapter and a lot of extra work, NES games from the US and A. It’ll be a Japan-only device at first, due out next month. No word on pricing but… Read More