• Ditch That Laptop Brick With FINsix’s New Tiny Notebook Charger

    Ditch That Laptop Brick With FINsix’s New Tiny Notebook Charger

    Many aspects of computing have changed, but the laptop charger has remained sadly stable over the years; no matter what, we never seem to be able to ditch the lumpy power brick, that mid-cable eyesore that takes up tons of space in your bag and presents a ready hazard for stepping on. MIT project turned startup FINsix wants to change all that, and you can help them by reserving your own… Read More

  • Netflix iOS Bug That Breaks Output Via Apple HDMI AV Adapters Will Be Fixed

    Netflix iOS Bug That Breaks Output Via Apple HDMI AV Adapters Will Be Fixed

    The latest Neftlix update for iOS 7 finally added full AirPlay support to the app, something that many probably assumed it already had. But it also appears to have broken the feature, which allowed it to connect directly to TVs with Apple’s HDMI AV adapter. Some users have been crying foul about the error, claiming that Apple and Netflix were trying to force people to buy Apple TVs in… Read More

  • Video Review: Aluratek USB To HDMI 720p Adapter

    Short version: The AUH100F is Aluratek’s new USB to HDMI adapter. If you don’t have a digital video out feature on your computer this is the perfect solution. Perfect for those of us that are tired of watching Hulu or Netflix on the small screen and want something bigger. Read More

  • iDAPT i4 charges multiple devices at once

    Looking for a solution for charging 4 devices at once? Consider the iDAPT i4. The iDAPT allows you to charge multiple devices as one time, and help to eliminate cord clutter. The iDAPT is compatible with up to 4,000 different mobile devices, including your BlackBerry, GPS, digital camera, and GPS system. Read More

  • Buffalo announces world's first USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter

    USB 3.0 is slowly advancing, and Japan-based computer accessory maker Buffalo emerges as the leading company in its space. After having announced the world’s first USB 3.0-powered Blu-ray burner just last month, they today unveiled the first ExpressCard adapter [JP] that’s based on USB 3.0. The IFC-EC2U3/UC works with Windows 7 and Vista (32bit and 34 bit). It’s also… Read More

  • Portable Power Packs Punch

    The $100 XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 is the perfect portable power source to charge your laptop and other electronic gadgets. It features an AC outlet and two USB ports that can charge a laptop for at least two hours or an iPod for a whopping 44 hours. It also provides over-temperature, overload and low-battery shutdown, and comes with a vehicle and airline power adapter. If you plan a… Read More