ad campaigns

Apple’s new site lets you create a custom “Shot on iPhone” ad for Mother’s Day

Last week Apple released the latest iteration of its “Shot on iPhone” campaign. The new ad was developed for Mother’s Day, and features a slideshow of pictures and videos of moms an

Unofficial PS3 ad campaign tries so, so hard

<img src="" />No, this isn't an official ad campaign, but that doesn't mean it's not worth mentioning. It was created by a Mexican ad

Oh, France: To promote Sony Ericsson, agency creates ‘air [activity]’ campaign

<img src="" />This is what I get for trying to find photos of French TV journalists: air gaming. Apparently it's a “thing” in Paris

Samsung Instinct promo campaign on Youtube (this is what I call viral marketing)

Sprint recently launched a clever promotion campaign for their Instinct, calling for users to somehow place the cell phone in home videos and then post them on YouTube (official tagline: “Sell o

Flash: The world is round, says new Vista ad campaign

Vista is great, honest. Microsoft looks to be rolling out its “Vista isn’t so bad, see?” ad campaign, as this delightful little jpeg shows. You know how people used to think the world was fl