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AppsFlyer raises $210M for ad attribution and more

AppsFlyer has raised a massive Series D of $210 million, led by General Atlantic. Founded in 2011, the company is best known for mobile ad attribution — allowing advertisers to see which campaigns a

Demystifying the concept of ‘attribution’ in digital marketing

Most of my analogies revolve around sports. The concept of “attribution” in business is similar to giving credit to a player for assisting another player in achieving an objective. The purpose of

UberMedia connects cross-channel ad impressions to actual store visits

Mobile ad company UberMedia is expanding its measurement and attribution business in a big way. You may remember UberMedia as the company that owns social apps like Echofon and UberSocial. While that&

Clarivoy’s offline advertising attribution model aims to help brands prioritize ad spend

As lucrative as they may be, I normally find ad tech/marketing tech companies to be pretty boring. However, Clarivoy's interesting concept catches my attention amidst a sea of marketing tech awash wit

Foursquare Will Tell Businesses When Their Ads Bring You Into An Actual Store

Foursquare announced a new product today that should help brick-and-mortar advertisers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. The company has already been expanding the ad side of the business,

With $1.1M In Funding, Conversion Logic Announces Tools For Tracking Video Ads Across Devices

Two executives from marketing tech company <a target="_blank" href="">Visual IQ</a> are striking out on their own with a new startup, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.convers