Withings Is Back With A New Watch, The Activité Steel

French hardware startup Withings has released two smart-ish watches so far -- the <a href="">Activité</a> and the <a href="https://techcrunc

Fly Or Die: Withings Activité

With the Apple Watch dominating the news cycle, it’s easy to forget about the smart(ish) watches that have come before it. But while intelligent time pieces will come and go, I’m still dee

Withings Launches Android Support For Activité And Activité Pop

Withings has just broadened the reach of its smart watches, the Activité and the Activité Pop, as the Android version of the Withings HealthMate app now integrates with the new hardware. Withing

Withings Activité Pop Activity Tracking Watch Review

The $150 Pop is simply the best dedicated activity tracker that one can buy right now. For the simple reason that unlike the rest, it won’t just be shoved in a drawer and forgotten months, or ev

The Withings Activité Pop Is Probably The Best Overall Activity Tracker Yet

Withings has shored up the only major complaint I had with its Activité fitness and activity tracker/watch: The price. The French health accessory maker has revealed the Activité Pop, which is a ver

Withings Activité Pre-Order Puts A New Price On The Undercover Activity Tracker: $450

French health and fitness device-maker Withings has kicked off pre-orders for its Activité watch/activity tracker, with a special pre-order page it publicized today to customers who registered intere

This Is Withings’ Vision For The Future Of The Home

Slowly but surely, <a href="">Withings</a> has been building up its product portfolio to provide a truly holistic approach to gadgets and digital services. Recently

Withings New Smartwatch Looks Good Playing Dumb

Here's a curveball for you: Withings, which is an excellent fitness-based electronics company with all kinds of fun products like trackers and smart scales, has just bested all the smartwatch makers o