Confronting the ‘imposter syndrome’

During a recent interview with Forbes I was asked to reflect on the “Imposter Syndrome” and whether or not I was affected by it. My answer was “All the time, actually!” I came to realize that

Why tech workers showed up to March for Science

Demonstrators turned out in an estimated 600 cities around the world to rally for science and its role in policy-making. The march was organized after the Trump administration proposed and began to im

What Betsy DeVos means for edtech

Betsy DeVos was barely confirmed last week as the new Secretary of Education –- or should I say bearly. In her welcome address to the Department of Education on Wednesday, Secretary DeVos made light

5 Calls debuts what may be the easiest way to call your reps yet

A growing number of political activist websites have popped up in recent days to help those opposed to the Trump administration’s policies and agenda to take action. But a new one, 5 Calls, has petition seeking Trump tax returns flies past 100,000 signature goal

Backing up the history of the internet in Canada to save it from Trump

When the Library of Alexandria burned, the world lost a significant portion of its cultural knowledge and history. That’s the fate that Brewster Kahle fears might await the Internet Archive under Do

Uber To Allow Some People With Nonviolent Convictions To Become Drivers

Uber is going to ease up on some of its driver-screening requirements in California in order to make room for people convicted of nonviolent crimes, The Wall Street Journal reported earlier today. Un

Hacking For Cause: Today’s Growing Cyber Security Trend

What do the following data-breach headlines from the past year have in common? The Sony Pictures hack: Everything we know so far; Anonymous hackers release emails ordering bear cubs be kil

The Rise Of Female Hackers For Good

On May 23, 2015, hackers from 19 countries gathered online and in person for Femhack, a grassroots international feminist hackathon inspired by the life and work of Sabeen Mahmud. Passionate about civ

Australia to test Internet filtering (read: censorship) this month

Australia looks to be moving ahead with its plan to censor Internet content on a country-wide level, and will test its array of filters later this month. To refresh your memory, the Australian governm