• Power Loader Light: Panasonic Starts Selling Mecha Robot Suits

    In January this year, I blogged about Power Loader, a power-amplifying robotic suit that enables humans to carry loads of up to 100kg. Developed by Tokyo-based robot venture Activelink, a venture spun off from Panasonic, the mecha is awesome but will not be quite ready for 2015 (as a practical version). Read More

  • Power Loader: Panasonic venture accepts orders for mecha robot suits (video)

    Walking vehicles, also known as mecha, don’t play a big role in today’s robotics industry, but that might soon change. (You might remember one of the protagonists in Avatar sitting in a mecha, called AMP in the movie, during the final fight.) Now Tokyo-based robot venture Activelink, a Panasonic spin-off company, says it can make one for you, too. The startup has begun accepting… Read More