action figure

  • Facebook Bans Mark Zuckerberg Action Figure

    MIC Gadget can’t get a break. After being C&Ded for selling Steve Jobs action figures, now they can’t even sell these goofy little “Poke” figures of Mark Zuckerberg. The figures went for $69 bucks – a bit much for a statuette of some rich dude – but they were obviously all in fun and I doubt that Facebook is planning a huge executive action figure push… Read More

  • Castlevania Figures From Comic Con

    “But enough talk, have at you!” I don’t do comics that much anymore and I rarely have time for video games. But you show me a good Castlevania action-figure and I’ll show you an excited guy in his twenties. Check out the frickin’ detail on Alucard and Belmont. Now this is what I call justice for one of the most popular Konami series’ of all… Read More