• Measure Your Skin Health and Fight Acne with ScanZ

    Worried About Acne? mySkin Launches ScanZ Device And App To Monitor The Health Of Your Skin

    ScanZ, a product unveiled today at Disrupt Europe, combines a new, iPhone-connected device with a quantified self-style app to help teens battle acne. The product comes from a company called mySkin, which plans to launch a $150,000 Kickstarter campaign this week to fund the launch (I will update this post once the campaign is live). Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Sava Marinkovich told… Read More

  • It's an ionizing, MP3-playing thingy!

    [photopress:handy_mp3_player.jpg,full,center] At 128MB, I’m not sure if I’d call this an acne-fighting MP3 player or an acne-fighting gizmo with MP3 capability, but it is what it is, sort of. See, you hold it to your face for ten minutes with it set to “negative” and it shoots your pores with negative ions. Then do the same thing set to “positive” and it does… Read More