Sega Toys sells ultra-cute and girls-only portable music player

Sega Toys has started selling Soundcarrier Party on the Japanese market, a portable music player “for females only”, as the company says in the official press release [JP, PDF]. It’s

Solar powered iPhone 3G case is awesome, ugly

I dislike cases for phones as much as I loathe Bluetooth headsets, but the battery life on the iP3G stinks and I’m willing to break one of my rules. I won’t actually use the case and clip

Video: Worst promo video ever

Here’s the thing about making videos for your products, CE folk, make sure people are aware of whatever it is that you’re selling. The Fins-Up is probably a decent accessory, but you would

Magnifying glass for LCD screens of digital cameras released

Today Tokyo-based camera accessory maker Uniden presented a new magnifying glass for LCD screens of digital cameras on their website [JP]. The UNX-8507 can be used by owners of SLRs and compact digita

Oakley now offers an iPhone case

This $30 chunk of Unobtainium rubber from Oakley can be yours to encase that soon to be out of date iPhone. Excited? Didn’t think so.

iPhone case makers "leak" some iPhone 3G specs

It seems that some iPhone accessory makers have been working off of reference designs, shown here, that describe some sort of new iPhone. While no one is sure if this is the 3G model, the level of det

Transformers All Spark-style USB hub

If you loved the (most recent) Transformers Movie, now’s your chance to show it. Buy a huge cube designed to look like the artifact from the movie. It’s got four USB slots and when you plu

Sweet arcade stick for the Wii – time to get your Samurai Shodown on!

Having trouble with that →↓↘SHORYUKEN? We all have these problems now and again, usually because of the fact that almost every arcade game gets played with a joystick, then gets ported to your S

Is your PC Card slot occupied? Didn't think so

The Stash Card is a novel idea, but I wouldn’t keep anything valuable in it like the manufacturer suggests. The rest of the suggestions work out quite nicely. It’s only $8. Why not? Product Page [

Sing-a-Song Microphone: make your kid do the work so you can retire early

Kid toys aren’t really our beat unless it’s something spectacular like Glow Worms or My Little Pony, but the whole American Idol and even Rock Band craze isn’t going away anytime soon, so you mi

Review: Richard Solo Smart Backup Battery for iPod

My kingdom for a dead-ass simple way to squeeze a little more juice out of my iPod Touch while I’m gallivanting across the globe living the life of a high-profile technology blogger. I need all

Belkin's RockStar allows 5 hipsters to listen to LCD Soundsystem simultaneously

Y-jacks are so 20th century; you need a brightly colored, star-shaped megahub so all your fellow tweens can hear what you’re listening to and bob their heads in unison. It’s actually a coo

What I'm getting Matt Hickey for Xmas

I think I’ve just found the perfect gift for Matt. I want to vomit every time I see one of his photos with that yellow tinge and I’m sure his colorblindness doesn’t help the situatio

The most asinine iFone accessory known to man

Oddly enough, I’m almost 100 percent positive that Biggs uses this when he’s at home by himself. Seriously, though, who comes up with this nonsense? Condoms for your thumb and index finger so you

nekFIT: a revolution in the way we wear music?

Someone tell me this is a joke. Seriously. Product Page [via Electronic House]

BodyGuardz For Your iPhone

I’m not sure how many of you are overzealous about your gadgets like me, but if I were to actually own an iPhone, chances are I’d invest in some protective wear for my precious. Just to sh

Targus Radius Line

MacBook sales have been skyrocketing since they launched, so it’s no wonder the accessory market for the little Apple is so vast and chock-full of crap that you could be blowing your cash on som

External Display For Your PS3, Why?

File this under WTF because I have no idea why anyone would want this. It’s not like the PS3 is the most compact gaming console on the market or anything. The only time I would think of using this 7

Atlantic Gaming Tower

Now that Christmas has come and gone and you’ve landed yourself a PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360 you’re going to need a place to stash your new toys and their accessories. If you&

KOYONO iPod video Cambino Case By Orbino

KOYONO makes some nice, tech-friendly coats that lean more towards high fashion than most others. So it’s not really surprising they hooked up with the high-end leather goods craftspeople at Orb