The Moto Hint Aims To Make You Feel Like You’re Living The Future From The Movie ‘Her’

Motorola has taken it upon itself to give us the future the movie Her promised us – or at least one key ingredient in the future. The new Moto Hint is a single wireless earbud that comes in a variet

Fetch Gives Your Dog A Comfortable Way To Lifelog With A GoPro

People are already strapping GoPro action cameras to animals of all furs and feathers using various means, but a new mount called the Fetch from GoPro itself is designed to given them a comfortable, c

Microsoft Starts Pre-Orders For The Surface Pro 3 Docking Station

Microsoft revealed its Surface Pro 3 earlier this year, and now there’s a new accessory up for sale, following the official shipping launch of the new Surface last month. The new gadget is a Doc

Vaavud Takes To Kickstarter Again For A New Smartphone Wind Meter That Tracks Direction

Kickstarter has been around long enough that the Kickstarter double-dip is now a well-established thing – basically it's the practice of a company returning to the crowdfunding well to secure the re

iMacompanion Adds An Accessible USB 3.0 Port To Your iMac

iMacompanion already ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of their USB extender for iMacs, which brings a port to the front where it’s useful instead of hidden around back

If You Need More Power, This Backup Battery Can Survive Even When Your Phone Can’t

I like backup batteries – I carry more than a few, and they all get used eventually, especially when I travel. But sometimes I worry: What will happen to my portable backup power in case of the The

The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Case For iPad Mini Successfully Balances Size And Performance

Logitech had a definite winner on its hands with the Ultrathin Keyboard Case for iPad, a Bluetooth keyboard that attaches via magnets built into the iPad, protecting the screen and adding only minimal

This Is Most Probably The New iPhone Cable

This is most probably the <a target="_blank" href="">new iPhone cable</a> posted by some folks at Shenzhen-based <a target="_blank" href

A spot for your earphones

<img src="" />For $13, you can purchase Spot for Earphones, a simple little solution for managing the long cord on your MP3 pl

Protect your iPad with metallic looking StealthArmor

<img src="" />Your iPad has that nice metallic look, right? You want to preserve that sleek industrial design. You want Fu

MiLi Power Skin claims to be smallest iPhone external battery yet

The trade-off between compact size and prolonged battery life has plagued iPhone owners pretty much since the product was released. There’s only so much space to cram battery cells in that sleek

StealthArmor now available for your Apple iPad

<img src="" />Let's face it, as our mobile computing devices get smaller and smaller, they get more fragile. To protect our pr

Sharp to roll out solar cells with a conversion efficiency of 20%

Sharp has developed a crystalline Si solar cell prototype with a cell conversion efficiency of 20%, aiming for mass production in 2010. The company claims its product will be the most efficient reside

Etymotic ditches the lame iPhone mic, intros the hf5 earphones for real audiophiles

It’s clear that bone conduction headphones aren’t quite there yet in terms of sound quality, so we’ll just have to cope with in-ear or over the ear headphones and today Etymotic announced a new

Mophie starts shipping iPhone 3G juice packs

That’s if you pre-ordered yours on or before September 8th, suckas. If you ordered beyond that date then don’t expect your juice pack to start shipping until the 30th of October. But be wa

Apple's new in-ear headphones, earphones

In-ear headphones with a subwoofer and tweeter driver for only $79? That’s a ridiculously low price, but are they any good? We’ll have to wait and see. The new headphones from Apple come with thre

Nyko officially launches Nintendo Wii Classic Controller alternative, Wing

IGN had the scoop last week on the Wing from Nyko and today it was officially announced to the public. The Wing will land in stores next month for $30. If you’re pining over it now and simply ca

Time to kick that Wii Classic Controller to the curb, say hello to the Nyko Wing

I’m actually in the midst of setting up John’s Wii in my living room and I have to say that the Classic Controller sucks a nut. It’s not very ergonomic and makes my hands hurt after a while. So

Sony PS3 wireless keypad priced, dated

Sony’s answer to the Xbox 360 messenger kit has been priced and dated on Amazon . The wireless keypad will be available on November 30th for $50.

Wear your iPod like a name badge with iStik

When doing activities with your iPod, sometimes it’s hard to find a good place to put it. Your pockets are no good since it can fall out if the activity involves running or jumping. Another option i
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