• Protect your iPad with metallic looking StealthArmor

    Your iPad has that nice metallic look, right? You want to preserve that sleek industrial design. You want Fusion of Ideas StealthArmor METAL! Available in gold, bronze, tungsten, and brushed aluminum, the StealthArmor METAL surprisingly is not made out of actual metal, so no need to worry about interfering with wireless communications. Read More

  • MiLi Power Skin claims to be smallest iPhone external battery yet

    The trade-off between compact size and prolonged battery life has plagued iPhone owners pretty much since the product was released. There’s only so much space to cram battery cells in that sleek form factor, so the operating time of the phone is restricted. A variety of products have entered the market to extend the life of your iPhone battery without overly extending the bulk of the phone. Read More

  • StealthArmor now available for your Apple iPad

    Let’s face it, as our mobile computing devices get smaller and smaller, they get more fragile. To protect our precious gadgets, we wrap them in cushiony cases to protect them from a devastating fall to the ground. But these cases increase the bulk, reducing the convenience of the small form factor. One new option for iPhone — and now iPad — owners is Fusion of… Read More

  • Sharp to roll out solar cells with a conversion efficiency of 20%

    Sharp has developed a crystalline Si solar cell prototype with a cell conversion efficiency of 20%, aiming for mass production in 2010. The company claims its product will be the most efficient residential crystalline silicon solar cell available. An unnamed American manufacturer has been contacted in order to procure enough polycrystalline Si when commercialization starts. Sharp has chosen… Read More

  • Etymotic ditches the lame iPhone mic, intros the hf5 earphones for real audiophiles

    It’s clear that bone conduction headphones aren’t quite there yet in terms of sound quality, so we’ll just have to cope with in-ear or over the ear headphones and today Etymotic announced a new set of hi-fi in-ears. The hf5 earphones have the same award winning technology as the hf2, but ditch the lame microphone. Tuned for a full dynamic range of sound coupled with the… Read More

  • Mophie starts shipping iPhone 3G juice packs

    That’s if you pre-ordered yours on or before September 8th, suckas. If you ordered beyond that date then don’t expect your juice pack to start shipping until the 30th of October. But be warned, consumers, for the juice pack for the iP3G is still awaiting its “Works for iPhone” Apple certification, which could effect shipping dates so maybe they should have held off, no? Read More

  • Apple's new in-ear headphones, earphones

    In-ear headphones with a subwoofer and tweeter driver for only $79? That’s a ridiculously low price, but are they any good? We’ll have to wait and see. The new headphones from Apple come with three sets of silicone ear cups and a built-in mic and volume controls. New fangled steel mesh caps protect the internals and they’re also removable for cleaning. The $29 buds are the… Read More

  • Nyko officially launches Nintendo Wii Classic Controller alternative, Wing

    IGN had the scoop last week on the Wing from Nyko and today it was officially announced to the public. The Wing will land in stores next month for $30. If you’re pining over it now and simply can’t wait then download the papercraft (PDF) and make one yourself today! Read More

  • Time to kick that Wii Classic Controller to the curb, say hello to the Nyko Wing

    I’m actually in the midst of setting up John’s Wii in my living room and I have to say that the Classic Controller sucks a nut. It’s not very ergonomic and makes my hands hurt after a while. So I’ve got to say that the Nyko Wing looks pretty comfy and welcoming. Look at it! The Wing takes two AAA batteries and is said to last 30 hours. Also included with the Wing is… Read More

  • Sony PS3 wireless keypad priced, dated

    Sony’s answer to the Xbox 360 messenger kit has been priced and dated on Amazon. The wireless keypad will be available on November 30th for $50. Read More

  • Wear your iPod like a name badge with iStik

    When doing activities with your iPod, sometimes it’s hard to find a good place to put it. Your pockets are no good since it can fall out if the activity involves running or jumping. Another option is an arm strap, which I find uncomfortable and distracting. Well, now there’s a new option called the iStik. It’s a plastic enclosure that has four magnets on the back. It works… Read More