Overclocked smartwatch sensor uses vibrations to sense gestures, objects and locations

Just from patterns of motion, your smart devices know when you're walking, when you're riding a bike and when you lift your wrist to check the time. But it turns out they can also tell when you snap o

Nintendo doesn't need to cut the price of the Wii, but let's speculate anyway

Let’s speculate! Several manufacturers have approached Nintendo about producing the Wii’s accelerometer, presumably for less money than current suppliers do. So, a cheaper accelerometer me

iPhone vs. Wiimote vs. Baby: Who Will Reign Supreme?

Kottke has an excellent comparison on who/what has the most sensitive built-in accelerometer. The contenders are the Apple iPhone, Nintendo Wiimote and Kottkeā€™s newborn son, Ollie. Awww. Cute. Barf.