• Algorithmia Raises $2.4M To Connect Academia And App Developers

    Algorithmia Raises $2.4M To Connect Academia And App Developers

    While communities built around GitHub and Stack Overflow have developers working together more than they ever have before, one group’s work is typically seen by too few, considering the impact it could have: researchers in academia, whose work at its most successful is typically discussed only at conferences or in journals. Read More

  • Facebook group accused of "cheating" at Ryerson Univeristy; we call BS

    [photopress:we_can_has_facebook_group.jpg,full,center] It’s Saturday, and I’m trying hard to wrap my head around this story about a Ryerson University student who’s facing academic misconduct charges for starting a Facebook study group. His professor, it seems, calls it cheating. A Facebook study group is like any other study group, he argues, and he’s right. The… Read More

  • An academic manifesto for Web 2.0?

    In recent years, the School of Informatics at the University of Bradford has produced graduates that have gone on to staff the likes of AOL and Freeserve (now Orange’s broadband division). Indeed in the late-90s and the first era of the British internet industry, one department alone provided Freeserve with a co-founder of the company, a number of designers, developers and project… Read More