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  • Patent Troll Buys ADAPTIX (And Its 4G Technology Patents) For $160M

    Patent Troll Buys ADAPTIX (And Its 4G Technology Patents) For $160M

    The 4G wireless technology space is heating up, so expect vultures. Acacia Research Corporation, a massive patent holding group with dozens of subsidiaries in the business of exploiting intellectual property by means of lawsuits and aggressive patent licensing schemes, this morning announced that it has acquired ADAPTIX, a 4G wireless technology company that originally started out in 2000… Read More

  • Acacia Awarded $12.4 Million In Patent Infringement Case Against Yahoo

    Nice timing, Acacia Research Corporation. The mother of all patent trolls patent acquisition, development and licensing company, which was profiled in depth by BusinessWeek just two days ago, this morning announced that it has been awarded a total of $12.4 million in a patent infringement case against Yahoo. On May 15th, 2009, a federal court jury decided that Yahoo’s messenger program… Read More

  • Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Patent Claims Against Skype, eBay

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit last Tuesday affirmed a lower court’s decision to dismiss patent claims against Skype and its parent company (for now) eBay relating to uniform network technology. The federal appeals court affirmed without comment the dismissal of claims brought by Peer Communications, a subsidiary of Acacia Research Corporation, reports… Read More