AC adapter

Kado wants to make the world’s thinnest charger

What can you wrap up in ribbons? Stick in your sock? And what can you take out in public and not get thrown in the dock? The Kado phone charger, of course. This new product by Itay Hasid and Daniel As

Apple Recalls Two-Prong Plugs Over “Very Rare” Shock Risk

A rare Apple product recall -- the company has announced a voluntary recall of AC wall plug adapters made for certain regions because of what it says is a "very rare" risk of the two-prong adapters br

Fujitsu to free us from AC adapters for notebooks by 2013

<img src="" /> <a href="">Fujitsu Laboratories</a>, the company's R&D subsidiary, has announc

Double charge your Android phone

Here’s a nice idea: a charger for your G1 Android-powered phone that simultaneously charges the phone and a second battery. Peter complained about the battery life of the G1, so maybe picking up

Sanyo offers clever Eneloop solution for Wii wireless controllers

Wii users may never have to take the batteries out of their wireless controllers again. Today Sanyo announced [JP] it has teamed up with Nintendo to develop a Wii battery and charger set that is based